Super Animal Royale Roadmap 2023

A sneak peek into some of our plans for the rest of the year

Hey Super Animals! We just wanted to start this off with a huge thank you for all of your comments and feedback during Season 7, and let you know how helpful they’ve already been for planning our next set of updates.

We’ve had so much fun through Season 7 seeing all the AMAZING scenes you’ve created with the Photo Booth, and playing games of (super) chicken around the fruit press while mostly avoiding cleverly placed banans. There’s still time left in the current season (and as always, Animal Passes never expire) but we wanted to take some time to talk a bit about what we’re working on next and share a new roadmap!


We like our surprises, so this is just a small peek at a few of the upcoming items you can look forward to. We have a whole lot more planned for Super Animal Royale this year that we aren’t ready to reveal quite yet, but let’s start with what we can talk about today!

Season 8

Season 8 features a huge new map location, a new weapon, and we’re holding onto even more surprises to reveal throughout this month as we approach its July release. It’s one of the biggest new season updates we’ve done in a while, so we can’t wait to tell you all about everything that we packed into it soon!

Super Secret Social Project

You might have noticed that the “Super Secret Social Project” is still on the roadmap from last year too, and we’ve been hard at work designing it since then. While we don’t have anything to reveal about it quite yet, we will say that the game’s community and how players interact with each other before and after matches is one of the most special attributes of Super Animal Royale, and we are working on new ways to nurture that experience.

New Player Onboarding Improvements

Many of you have also told us that SAR was your first battle royale, and it couldn’t make us happier to be a bridge game that lets shooter fans and cozy gamers alike have something to play together. That being said, now that the game has grown and metas have been established, our light tutorial isn’t always doing the best job helping new players ease into the game and learn the ropes. So we’re planning to make big improvements to onboarding with the goal of making SAR an even better bridge game.

Event System Improvements

You’ve also told us you want to see updates to the holiday event format, so we’re in the process of designing new ways to improve this system and make each time of the year on the island extra special. We’ll be watching our feedback channels for any additional suggestions you have for it!

Super Animal Royale Tonight & Art Contest

We’re also in the early stages of planning a third season of Super Animal Royale Tonight. We have a few more animated trailers and videos to release first, alongside the upcoming updates, but later in the year we’ll be digging into the new season’s production and opening up clip submissions again. We produce all the episodes in-house with the same team that brings you the game, so the break between Season 2 and 3 has let us invest in some of the big new game features we have coming your way this year, but we can’t wait to get Donk and Howl back into the studio. Artists should also keep their eyes peeled for a new contest from Rabbita Smith in the near future.

Now Available: Super Snapping Turtle

It took a bit of time to come out of its shell, but in case you missed its reveal: the Super Snapping Turtle has arrived in the Research Lab! Sorry if it snaps at you. That’s just how it is.

You can start earning Super Turtle DNA at level 60, and unlock the Super Snapping Turtle breed after you’ve unlocked the base Super Turtle.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek at what’s ahead in SAR’s journey! More information will be revealed about Season 8 soon in our Discord server, and on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Subreddit. We’ll see you on the island, Super Animals!


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