Maximum Entertainment Unveils Hot Lap Racing’s Full Car Roster

Maximum Entertainment is excited to unveil Hot Lap Racing’s full car roster! Get ready to experience more than 60 years of motorsport history from old 60s Brabham to Peugeot’s most recent cars!

Watch the brand new showcase trailer here:

Players will get to race each other in one of Hot Lap Racing’s 50+ drivable cars, ranging from officially licensed historic rides from as far back as the ‘60s to state-of-the-art modern powerhouses – and even a concept car created in collaboration with the motorsport community!

Check out the full roster below:

  • Junior 60 S
  • Brabham BT24
  • Cavallino 33P
  • Fred Motors GT
  • Lagard S10
  • Crown Magic MK.II
  • Marole RF3
  • Renault 5 Turbo Superproduction
  • Citroen AX Superproduction
  • Lola T91/50
  • Minardi M191
  • AGS JH25
  • Brabham BT60B
  • Venturi 400 Trophy
  • Venturi 600 LM
  • Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI DTM
  • Opel Calibra V6 DTM
  • Vauxhall Cavalier BTCC
  • Renault Laguna BTCC
  • Lola B02/00
  • Lola B2K/10
  • Arena R8
  • BR 200
  • Renault Megane Trophy V6
  • Gunma Prestazione X2006 JTC
  • Gunma Prestazione X2006
  • Horazio Celeste Supersport
  • AGS JH25
  • Abarth 500 Assetto Corse
  • Noble M600
  • Noble M600 GT3
  • Mygale Formula 4 Gen.1
  • Kobe Enjin Ninja R
  • Ligier JS P217
  • Alpine A110 GT4
  • Ligier JS P4
  • Aurus 01
  • Mygale Formula 3 R
  • Ligier JS2 R
  • Lamera Cup
  • Special One Evo-E R
  • Ligier P320
  • Chovey Marcos Stock-Car
  • Haldon Komodo Stock-Car
  • Alpine A480
  • KGM E-Cup 200
  • Mygale Formula 4 Gen.2
  • Renault 5 Turbo 3E
  • Peugeot 9X8
  • Noble M500
  • Noble M500 GT4
  • Formula Quantic
  • Formula Xtreme (created by the community during our January survey)

Hot Lap Racing features:

  • Historic Rides: A drivable roster spanning multiple time periods as it returns classics like Brabham cars from the ‘60s to the track alongside state-of-the-art arrivals including the Peugeot 9×8 Endurance.
  • A Collection of Racing Styles: Top the podium in individual categories for GT, Endurance or single-seater rides, or burn rubber in the Free category where all car classes share the same track for the ultimate generation-spanning contest.
  • A Rewarding Career Mode: Hot Lap Racing’s Career Mode includes a comprehensive tour of lessons from the FEED RACING academy, incorporating real-world guidance to help drivers build their cornering, braking and accelerating skills, perfecting their performance as they set course records and become formidable racing legends.
  • Licensed Cars and Tracks: Hot Lap Racing is the first game available on Nintendo Switch to license real stages and vehicles featuring all motorsport categories and racing’s greatest eras, including the debut of several cars never seen in a Switch racing game until now.

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