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ScrappyCreates something from nothing. Digs for information and can put pieces together.

Creative Problem Solver

Creative Problem SolverThinking outside of the box, uncovering every stone before asking for help or giving up.

Avid Learner

Avid LearnerConstantly interested in learning and growing professionally and personally.


CaresGenuine interest and pride in their work, peers, and the company's success as a whole.

Seeks Context

Seeks ContextUnderstands the big picture and can frame decision-making accordingly.


AdaptableAble to shift gears quickly and is open and welcoming to changes.


At Maximum Entertainment, we know you have a lot of choices about where to direct your talent and the unique offerings you bring to the table. Here are a few reasons why we hope you'd want to join our team!

  • Your work has value, purpose, and a direct impact on others as well as the business of bringing awesome games to the masses.
  • We foster a culture of equality, diversity, and belonging. Individual perspective is vital to helping us succeed and ensuring our employees feel heard.
  • We believe in living full lives and creating work schedules that integrate the needs of our team resulting in rewarding and fun work. Company-wide virtual events, plenty of PTO, and flexible scheduling are some of the perks we enjoy.
  • We cultivate learning and growth and encourage our team to explore their limits and expand their skillsets.

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