Soulstice – Update 1.0.4 Brings Camera Improvements and More!

Hello Soulstice players!
As we reach the end of the year, we wanted to push out one last big update for our great supporters and friends who have been playing Soulstice and all future players as well. Below you’ll see the fully detailed improvements and fixes based on player feedback that the dev team has been hard at work on since launch.
Changelog for Soulstice Update 1.0.4:


  1. Combat camera improvements
  2. General performance improvements
  3. Improvements and adjustments to audio effects


• Improved combat camera obstacle management: now obstacles automatically hide without blocking the camera
• Added an option to automatically change the combat camera lock when attacking a new enemy
• Improved camera lock target selection to reduce the selection of enemies that are behind the camera
• Improved camera lock target selection to avoid selecting targets behind larger enemies
• Improved camera auto-lock behavior after an enemy is killed to avoid locking a new target that is behind the camera
• Improved camera movement when changing the locked target
• Improved camera rotation speed in Locked Mode
• Reduced camera glitches when performing a synergy attack
• Improved canceling timing of player’s aerial hit animations
• Improved performance in-game cinematics
• (Xbox Series X|S Only) Improved rendering performance
• (PS5 Only) Improved rendering performance
• (Windows Only) Implemented ASUS Aura Ready support: light effects will adapt to gameplay state
• Improved performance in the boss fight of Mission 16
• Improved ambient sound in the Prologue
• Tweaked final score evaluation for Mission 7
• Tweaked damage when falling down platforms in Chapter 25
• Tweaked teleport behavior of Repentant enemy
• Added additional audio feedback to Berserk gameplay sections
• Improved movement behavior of Preacher enemy
• Improved canceling on Swirling Upburst attack of the Tearing Penance weapon


• Fixed an issue that prevented players from unlocking additional information in the Preacher enemy codex entry
• Fixed an issue with flying enemies staying at undesired height from the ground
• Fixed an issue where the Preacher enemy could attack from the ground
• (Xbox Series X|S Only) Fixed a potential blocking issue when suspending the game during the first fight of Mission 6
• Fixed an issue where some sections of the Help menu showed an incorrect element count
• Fixed a rare crash in the boss fight of Mission 11
• Fixed performance issues during the Slasher enemy special attack
• Fixed a rare issue that caused the game music to continue playing after returning to the main menu
• Fixed a possible crash when returning to the Main Menu during Mission 16
Check it out in game for yourself now and let us know on socials what you think of the update!
-Modus Games & Reply Game Studios


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