Keep Up with the Latest Patch Notes for Cris Tales Here

We have been listening to and collecting feedback from our community, and we have our first patch available for Cris Tales. We will update this blog with additional patch notes as they come available. If you’d like to give additional feedback, you can find us on Twitter or join our Discord.  

Keep reading to see detailed patch notes for each update starting from the most recently released patch.  

Windows 10 Patch Available as of 9/9. Fixes Include:

  • All fixes from the 8/28 patch

EGS and GOG Patch Available as of 9/7. Fixes Include:

  • All fixes from the 8/28 patch

Xbox Patch Available as of 9/2. Fixes Include:

  • All fixes from the 8/28 patch, except for PC specific fixes.

Steam and PlayStation 5 Patch Available as of 8/28. Fixes Include: 

  • Fixed numerous text bugs 
  • (For PC) Added first set of graphical setting options including aspect ratio and vSync options 
  • (For PC) Fixed display issues in ultra-widescreen mode 
  • Fixed numerous user reported soft-locks 
  • Fixed an achievement not being unlockable 
  • Fixed enemies occasionally not appearing during a battle in the salt mines 
  • Fixed the “burn” icon becoming distorted when using Impact Strikes 
  • Adjusted pricing for Tents 
  • Adjusted pricing for the Distortion Ring 
  • Crisbell now learns Heal at level 2 
  • The Empress will now use perfect heal for only two turns 


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