In Sound Mind Preview Round-Up

Press outlets had a chance to see some brand new footage from our upcoming psychological horror game, In Sound Mind, last week, as well as speak to the game’s creator, Ido Tal! We were excited to show off some of the game’s second chapter, and are equally excited to show you what those outlets had to say about what they saw! Below, you will find a rundown of some of the coverage the game received!

  • Game Rant – “In Sound Mind checks off all the right boxes. A complex narrative with sensitive themes on top of a fun gameplay system. “
  • GamesRadar – “For a horror fan, there’s a lot to be excited about: immersive, open locations to explore, lots of lore, and creepy mysteries to solve. I can’t wait to dig deeper…”
  • COGConnected – “In Sound Mind is everything we could ask for in a classic psychological horror. In Sound Mindpartnered up with internet icon The Living Tombstone to produce the game’s music and the results are stunning.
  • Screen Rant – “Beautifully scary. A welcome change to the more common ‘horror walking simulators’ that fill the gaming marketplaces.
  • TomsHardware – “In Sound Mind is a horror game that anyone who loves a different variation of the genre should at least watch with interest.”
  • The Sixth Axis – “We Create Stuff has sought to create a “fun” horror game in the vein of genre classics, and it feels like they’re heading down the right tracks.”
  • JeuxVideo – “What can be said is that We Create Stuff’s title inevitably interests us by its nature as a psychological horror game, and with regard to the snippets of atmosphere that we can see.”
  • Xboxygen – “In Sound Mind seems to offer a crazy good experience on paper.”
  • GameSpew – “In Sound Mind wasn’t really on our radar before, but after seeing it in action, it’s now one of our most anticipated releases of 2021.”
  • PCGames – “If the full game matches the level of quality seen in the demo and offers the same quality and charm as Virginia’s tape, then we can expect a small but nice horror treat with In Sound Mind.”
  • Gameswelt – “In Sound Mind has found an interesting gimmick in its very different, episodic manifestations of mental illness that opens the door to all sorts of ideas, not only visually but also from a gameplay perspective.”
  • – “We especially liked the puzzles, which, unlike many similar games, clearly go beyond pseudo-puzzle status.”
  • Gameslore – “The Living Tombstone provides real horror sounds – and I mean that in a very positive sense. After all, each world has its very own sounds, which wonderfully underlines the partly very dense and gloomy atmosphere.”
  • HeyPoorPlayer – “survival horror fans will be in for a real treat when In Sound Mind releases later this year.”
  • HorrorBuzz – “The music. Wow.”
  • TechRaptor – “In Sound Mind’s level design not only gives you a diverse and beautiful landscape to explore, but the entire game also features an eerie soundtrack by The Living Tombstone.”

If you want to try your hand at the opening chapter of In Sound Mind, you can play the demo for FREE on Steam right now! In Sound Mind is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Steam later this year!


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