Full Override 2 Character Roster Revealed

Twenty epic mechs come together to duke it out in the arena in Override 2: Super Mech League! We’ve got the full list of all twenty mechs along with their move lists below. Check it out and don’t forget to grab the game to experience the mecha-charged action for yourself! Available December 22 on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Steam, and Nintendo Switch!


Nothing quite like the original! Watchbot returns in Override 2 with its plasma cannon and energy sword in tow. Devastate opponents with Watchbot’s powerful punches and deactivating EMP.  

Move List:  

  • Plasma Cannon: Shoots a plasma projectile from the cannon in its arm.  
  • Sword Slash: Dashes forward and slashes enemies with an energy sword.  
  • Rising Punch: Rises to the air unleashing a powerful uppercut. Deals more damage in close range.  
  • Downward Punch: Charges towards the ground with a powerful punch.  
  • EMP Burst: Activates an area burst that stuns enemies for a short duration.  
  • Ultimate: Fires a large energy beam from its chest.  


What’s more terrifying than a towering mech? An even bigger astral projection of a towering mech. Contessa. Contessa leaves its opponents wondering what is real and what is fake.  

Move List: 

  • Spirit Bomb: Throws out an explosive projectile that leaves a damaging burning area where it explodes. 
  • Shadow Uppercut: Dashes back and hits enemies at the original position, sending them flying upwards.  
  • Scythe Pull: A two hit attack that pulls enemies towards Contessa.  
  • Shadow TeleportTeleports to an enemy’s location and hits them.  
  • Ultimate: Hits enemies in a wide area in front of Contessa. Does not hit enemies at very close range.  


The sultan of speed. The king of quick. The colossus of celerity! Tempo is the name of Mya’s game and this mech’s kit is designed to keep its enemies deadly close.  

Move List: 

  • ShurikenThrows out a quick shuriken. Can be activated two more times for two more shurikens thrown out in quick succession. Can be used in air, but with only one shuriken.  
  • Slashing AscentA spinning slash attack that sends both Mya and her target upwards 
  • Slashing DashQuick dash forward that damages and pierces enemies.  
  • Counter:  Sets up a counterattack that damages attackers.  
  • Ultimate: Sequence of slash projectiles that are shot at Mya’s target.  


Beep boop. Vintage returns with lightening, lasers, and flailing arms! Utilize its unique save point mechanic to keep people guessing where you are coming from.  

Move List:  

  • Laser Beam: Shoots a close-range laser beam from its arm.  
  • Running Attack: Vintage starts to run waving its arms and hitting everyone in its path.  
  • Thunder: Emits a lightning colt that hits everyone around you. Deals greater damage at really close range.  
  • Teleport: On first use, activates a checkpoint at the location. On the second time, the mech teleports to that checkpoint.  
  • UltimateVintage transforms into a spaceship that performs a dash movement forward, hitting everyone in the way. During its movement, the homing missiles are fired in all directions.  


Setesh smash. Sometimes Setesh smash close. Sometimes Setesh smash far. But one thing is certain as the sun rising in the east, Setesh smash.  

Move list: 

  • Ground Slam: Heavily slam the ground dealing damage at close range to nearby enemies. Can be activated a second time for even heavier damage if the first attack was successful. 
  • Power Leap: Leaps forward to close distance while pushing and damaging the enemies in its path.  
  • Rock Throw: Punches the ground and hurls rock projectiles in a forward cone area. In really close range the punch deals massive damage.  
  • Destroyer: Close range grappling attack that deals massive damage.  
  • Ultimate: Slams the ground generating a wave of fire that travels forward dealing multiple damages to enemies on its path. Nearby enemies are also hurt by the impact of the initial smash.  


Blind enemies with a smoke bomb and then cut them down with Vidar’s deadly accurate arrows. Dash around the map delivering a flurry of attacks from Vidar’s bow.  

Move List: 

  • Arrow Barrage: Charges their bow. When released, shoots arrows at the target. Number of arrows increases by charging duration.  
  • Mine Arrow: Leaps back shooting an arrow that sticks to the ground. The arrow explodes if an enemy goes near it.  
  • Hook Strike: Throws a grappling hook at the target. If it hits, Vidar dashes to the enemy and attacks them dealing damage and pushing them away.  
  • Smoke Bomb: Throws a smoke bomb that makes mechs inside the smoked area untargetable for enemies outside it. 
  • Ultimate: Shoots a giant arrow at the target.  


If ichthyophobia is the fear of fish, what’s the word for fear of a giant anthropomorphic fish mech? Whatever it is, you’ll strike that fear in the hearts of your opponent with Pescados powerful kit.  

Move list:  

  • Double SlapSlow and powerful double handed slap. Staggers enemies if they are hit on just the right spot.  
  • Running LaryatCharges forward and knocks down enemies on the way.  
  • Tornado Punch: Spinning Attack that deals multiple hits on nearby targets.  
  • Fish Hook: Launches a hook that pulls in enemies from a distance.  
  • Ultimate: Dashes forward in an attempt to grab an enemy. If connected, unleashes a powerful jump spinning dunk.  


Sugar, no spice, and nothing that’s nice. Sprinkles has come to brawl, and cavities are the least of your worries with this new mech’s sweet kit.  

Move List: 

  • Candy Shot: Shoots several projectiles at the target.  
  • Sugar Rush: Dashes forward and, if reaches target, attacks them with a combo.  
  • Candy Explosion: Spawns a lot of bubble gums around Sprinkles, dealing damage per bubblegum collided with the enemy.  
  • Air Candy Explosion: Spawns a lot of bubble gums targeting the ground below Sprinkles.  
  • Bubble Gum: Throws a giant bubble gum at the target. If it hits, they get stuck inside of it.  
  • Ultimate: Sames as bubble gum skill, but this one explodes if enemy is hit.  


Harness the power of light in Aura’s unique kit. Deal damage with swords, beams of devastating light, and Aura’s shockingly powerful halo.  

Move List: 

  • Pulsing Halo: Throws out a halo forward that stops after a certain distance and periodically emits pulses, damaging nearby things.  
  • Spin Dash: A forward moving spinning attack that hits nearby things.  
  • Light Pillars: Summons two sets of fading light pillars that damage things that tough them.  
  • Hovering Sword:  Summons four swords that hover above Aura, aiming at their target. After some time, they are shot at it.  
  • Ultimate: Pulls out a whip sword and unleashes a multihit combo in front of Aura.  


Atlas acrobatically wields two batons and uses them to defend against incoming attacks and dazzle its opponent while dealing lethal damage.  

Move List: 

  • Boomerang: Throws two sticks like a boomerang, both return to Atlas after a while.  
  • Horn Attack: Sprints forward dealing damage to the enemy with his horn. If the hit is successful, it throws the enemy up.  
  • Spinning Jump: Atlas performs a spinning jump that makes several cuts on the opponent.  
  • Stick Counter: Sets up a counterattack that damages attackers.  
  • Ultimate: Atlas joins his two sticks and performs an acrobatic jump, hitting his opponent with all his strength.  


This new mech in Override 2 is explosive! Megaton’s missiles pack a powerful punch, but the unique marking mechanic gives those missiles deadly precision  

Move List: 

  • Double MissilesSpawn 2 missiles that go in a straight line. If someone is marked, the missiles home in on them.  
  • Explosive Jump: Megaton punches the ground, causing an explosion that launches him upwards.  
  • Spinning Smash: Rising rotating punch sequence that ends with a laser shot.  
  • Marking Laser: Shoots a laser beam from his hand that marks the opponent for some time. Marked targets alter the behavior of the homing missile skill and his ultimate. Marks are limited to one per mech.  
  • Ground Pound: Turns into a cannonball and bursts down in a fast descent while chasing the targeted enemy.  
  • Ultimate: Summons an airstrike of large explosives in front of Megaton. If a mech is marked, the airstrike is called directly on them. 


Burn up the competition with Toasty’s bubbling cauldron and destructive flamethrower. Oil your opponents and then set them ablaze!  

Move List: 

  • Oil Ball: Throws an oil ball. Enemies hit by this become oiled.  
  • Flamethrower: Walks forward while emitting a constant burst of flames in the same direction (fire-type damage).  
  • Explosive Blast: Attacks with a spherical explosive blast. Enemies caught near its center take more damage and become ignited. Fire-type damage otherwise.  
  • Self-IgnitionToasty becomes ignited. 
  • Ultimate: Places down a cauldron that periodically shoots out different things (oil balls, fire balls, and normal projectiles) in random directions. Sometimes aimed directly at enemies.  



Stardust is pure, unadulterated horsepower…well…unicornpower, with a kit that consists of excellent gap closing abilities, burst damage, and poke.  

Move List: 

  • Bouncing StarThrows a star that bounces on the ground pursuing the enemy, dealing damage if it hits.  
  • SprintSprints forward dealing damage to enemies hit during the run.  
  • Superman PunchUppercut nearby target and leaps into the air.  
  • Glow UpExplodes an area around stardust, dealing damage and pushing enemies away. Gives a buff that increases stardust’s next skill damage.  
  • UltimateSummons a giant drill and rises in the air, dealing damage to enemies hit.  


A centurion mech, Bellona wields sword and shield imbued with the power of lightening to deal devastating damage with both.  

Move List: 

  • Ground Sword:  Spawns a sword that hits from the ground at the target’s location.  
  • Sword Rush: Rushes forward and executes an automatic combo if an enemy is hit.  
  • Shield Throw: Throws out a shield projectile.  
  • Spinning Swords: Summon swords around Bellona that hit any nearby things.  
  • Ultimate: Thunder that deals area damage around Bellona. Additionally, lightning spawns on top of every other enemy.  


Who says melee attacks can’t be a game of range? Rocca certainly doesn’t! With powerful, detachable arms, Rocca can wreak havoc on a fight from any distance.  

Move List: 

  • Rocket Punch: Launches Rocca’s arms forward dealing damage when it goes and when it comes back. Cannot be used if both arms are already flying.  
  • Spiked Shield: Goes to a defensive stance. If attacked while the skill is up, the enemy is hit in recoil.  
  • Charging Punch: Starts charging his attack. When released, he charges forward with a punch. If full charged, the distance and power of the attack are greatly increased. Deals even bigger damage at close range.  
  • WarcryStuns enemies in an area around Rocca. Provides Rocca a strength buff for a short time.  
  • Ultimate: Generates a giant explosion around him, dealing damage and pushing enemies away if hit. The explosion generates a shockwave that deals smaller damage to enemies that are farther away.  


Allure your foes into a deadly, frozen fate with Crystal who returns in Override 2!  

Move List: 

  • Heart: Spawns a heart at a certain distance in front of Crystal that flies towards her, damaging anybody that touches it.  
  • Spin Rise: Two hit attack that sends enemies upwards along with Crystal.  
  • Hammer Down: Strong attack that sends an enemy down to the ground.  
  • Icicle wave: Spawns a wave of icicles that are able to hit enemies multiple times.  
  • Freezing projectile: Shoots out a homing ice projectile that freezes enemies multiple times.  
  • Ultimate: Powerful attack with two parts: first part damages and stuns enemies for a long time, followed by a high damage hit.  


The only thing deadlier than a poisonous frog, is a super-charged mech frog. Cocada’s chaotic energy leaps back into action in Override 2!  

Move List: 

  • Homing Missile: Spawns six missiles that home in on a target. 
  • Drill Attack: Spinning attack that hits enemies multiple times and pierces them.  
  • Bomb Gift: Jumps back and leaves a bomb at cocada’s original position.  
  • Leap: Executes a leap towards a target and body slams them.  
  • Ultimate: Spins, creating a tornado that pulls others close, dealing constant damage to them based on their distance to the center.  


Maestro doesn’t wield the baton just for the aesthetics, it uses it to conduct a symphony of deadly damage. Maestro’s powerful passive can be manipulated to protect from incoming enemy attacks and unleash crippling strikes on opponents  

Move List:  

  • Spirit Release: Releases the spirits currently on Maestro. Effects depend on currently held spirits. Also hits enemies for a small amount of damage in front of Maestro.
    • Red: Small projectile.
    • Blue: Places a debilitating area. Enemies inside move slower and cannot use skills.
    • Purple: Applies a 15% reduced damage taken buff on Maestro. 
    • Red + RedLarge projectile.
    • Blue  + Blue: Attaches a debilitating area to Maestro.
    • Purple + Purple: Same effect as Purple but also applies a cleansing effect around Maestro, removing oiled and fire debuffs and also freeing allies from ice and shock.
    • Red + Blue: Places a debilitating area that also deals damage over time to enemies inside. 
    • Red + Purple: Applies a buff that increases all damage done by Maestro by 25%.
    • Blue + Purple: Applies a buff that increases Maestro’s movement speed by 35%.  
  • Summon Red: Summons a red spirit. Also deals damage to enemies around Maestro if not chaining.
  • Summon Blue: Summons a blue spirit. Also deals damage to enemies around Maestro if not chaining.
  • Summon Purple: Summons a purple spirit. Also deals damage to enemies around Maestro if not chaining.  
  • Passive: Additionally, Maestro is affected by passive effects when holding two spirits of the same color. 
  • Red: Automatically summons two homing projectiles every 10 seconds.   
  • Blue: 5% extra movement speed.  
  • Purple: Increases guard barrier health by +10%.
  • Ultimate: Constantly summons a barrage of homing spirits, followed by a minefield around Maestro.


Our first returning mech is a fan favorite, Metageckon. His mechanical jaw, metallic spine, and ear-piercing screech are all equally dangerous to his opponent.

Move List:

  • Laser Beam: Shoots a laser beam from its mouth.
  • Bite: Grabs the target with a bite that inflicts damage.
  • Sonic Dash: Metageckon keeps spinning while the buttons are being preside, and when they are released he does a sonic rotating dash towards the target.
  • Screech: Activates and area burst that stuns enemies making them dizzy.
  • Meteor: Turns into a meteor that falls to the ground and strikes the target.
  • Ultimate: Summons a sword and performs a dash that cuts through all enemies located in front.


Don’t let Shifu’s unassuming fighting stance fool you, this mech can deal calculated damage through a flourish of deadly attacks with a solid mix of ranged, AOE, and burst damage. 

Move List: 

  • Fireball: Charges a slow-moving fireball. Charged version is faster and deals more damage.  
  • Rising Dragon: Punches enemies and moves upwards. Deals more damage at the start of the attack.  
  • Counter: Sets up a counterattack that sends attackers flying.  
  • Mystic Pull: Pulls nearby enemies toward Shifu. 
  • Ultimate: Powerful punch that launches a fast moving air wave projectile.  

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