Cris Tales Content Update, Patch Notes, and Holiday Sales!

Today we unleash a flurry of free content for Cris Tales, including a brand-new character, dungeon, cutscene and much more!

Beyond these additions, this free update adds new story content such as a new ending and all-new cutscene. Holiday shoppers can also enjoy steep discounts this month on Steam, Nintendo Switch and Xbox. Keep reading to see detailed patch notes and sale information by platform.

Bonus Content DLC

New Character – Adri

  • Seventh playable character who will join your party.

  • Adri is a robot mechanic who the player first encounters in St. Clarity. She plays a significant part in the late game story.

  • In combat, Adri acts as a summoner, building simple machines such as mines and turrets that can be enhanced through Crisbell’s time powers.

New Dungeon

  • Alongside Adri comes a new mechanical themed dungeon.

  • Brand new enemy encounters and unique puzzle solving mechanics.

Return of the new and improved Coliseum

  • Battle waves of increasingly challenging enemies for new loot, chests, currency, and rewards.

  • Accessed by speaking to the traveling merchant.

  • New enemies and a completely original boss.

General updates:

  • Completion of the new content introduces a completely new cutscene and a new ending for the game.

  • New content is accessible in the late game, and players who have already completed the game can just load their most recent save to experience the new content.

Patch Notes

  • Added a new playable character.
  • Added a new side quest and dungeon, with new enemies and a new boss.
  • Added a new Colosseum.  Speak to the Wandering Merchant to test your mettle!
  • (Switch only) Reduced loading times by approximately 30%.
  • Fixed an infinite white loading screen that could rarely occur at the end of battles.
  • Fixed a gameplay blocker that could rarely occur when a character’s syncro is interrupted.
  • Fixed a gameplay blocker that could rarely occur during the Volcano Sisters boss fight.
  • Fixed a gameplay blocker that could rarely happen during certain other boss fights.
  • Fixed an issue with the Empress’ Gaol ability which could impact party composition after the battle.
  • Fixed issues with minor graphical flickering in some backgrounds.
  • Various text and graphical fixes.

Additional Nintendo Switch Patch Notes

  • Fixed numerous text bugs. 
  • Fixed numerous user reported soft-locks. 
  • Fixed an achievement not being unlockable. 
  • Fixed enemies occasionally not appearing during a battle in the salt mines. 
  • Fixed the “burn” icon becoming distorted when using Impact Strikes. 
  • Adjusted pricing for Tents. 
  • Adjusted pricing for the Distortion Ring. 
  • Crisbell now learns Heal at level 2. 
  • The Empress will now use perfect heal for only two turns.
  • Enabled the ability to take screenshots during game.

Holiday Sales

Beginning December 23, Cris Tales will be on sale on the following platforms:
Xbox: 35% off
Nintendo Switch (North America): 50% off
Steam: 50% off


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