v0.98: Soak up the Super Summer Royale event, starting now!

Super Avocado Sloth and Super Dragonfruit Wolf join the fight alongside new summer cosmetics in the latest SAR update!

It’s getting heated on the island and that can only mean one thing: Super Summer Royale is here!

You’ll now find fruit baskets scattered across the island that can be redeemed in the Summer Event Shop for 8 new limited-edition summer cosmetic items and 17 legacy summer items. Survive longer to earn more fruit baskets at the end of the match and be sure to start hunting early, to grab as many as you can before the event ends July 20th!

On top of being spendable for cosmetic items, Fruit Baskets are healthy and nutritious and will reward you with 20hp when you eat them (and yes Giant Emus can snack on them too). The Delivery Mole also has 3 baskets per crate as one more reason to fight over its valuable loot.

8 new 2021 summer items:

  • Beach Sunglasses
  • Blue Striped Umbrella
  • Blue Beach Hat
  • Starfish Visor
  • Message in a Bottle
  • Sandcastle Gravestone
  • Beach Party Sarong
  • Beach Party Outfit

We’ve also brought back the summer-themed music at the Welcome Center fountain and added two brand new Super Animal breeds to the Research Lab in time for summer:

  • Super Avocado Sloth
  • Super Dragonfruit Wolf

These additions expand the roster of fruit-themed animals that began with last year’s Super Watermelon Skunk and Super Pineapple Hedgehog.

And lastly, but arguably most important of all: you’ll now find beach balls along the southern shorelines that you can and should kick. Just try not to get…you know…killed while you’re playing beach soccer.

More v0.98 Updates

  • For Xbox players, we’ve added controller button bindings so that you can now customize your controls exactly how you like them! In addition, we’ve added the follower both versions:
  • The main menu news box now automatically rotates through news items.
  • News box items that link to something externally in your browser now have an icon to indicate this (news box items that don’t have this icon, like seasonal events, open within the game client).
  • Premium items (DLC, S.A.W. Shop, Animal Pass) now have special item backgrounds to help differentiate them in your inventory.
  • The Animal Pass now has an estimated date for the next season (late-August)!
  • Updated the Point emote on PC to have a directional arrow for where you’re pointing (like the one in its icon). The Xbox version will get this addition as well in its following update.
  • Added an idle animation for beach clams.
  • Pressing [Escape] now closes the inventory screen if it’s open (previously it opened the Paws Menu).
  • Fixed an inventory bug where controllers wouldn’t scroll through armor and powerups in the proper order.
  • Fixed an issue where AFK players that were auto-dropped from the eagle were stuck in the ocean until landing.
  • Translation fixes.


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