Super Seagulls are Making a Surprise Landing!

A new species of Super Animal arrives in the Research Lab

You know, with all the expired fruit lying around you’d think we’d have seen this coming…
Super Seagulls have landed!

Collect Super Seagull DNA to unlock the following breeds, starting at level 40:

  • Super Seagull
  • Super Curry Seagull
  • Super Black-Headed Seagull
  • Super Albatross

Now that Super Summer Royale 2022 has concluded, the leftover fruit baskets have become easy pickings for the Super Seagull flock and they’ve gobbled them all up. If you have unspent baskets, be sure to redeem them within the next week!

We hope you’ve enjoyed Super Summer Royale 2022 and will give the new birds a warm welcome to the Island – but be sure to keep your umbrella on you in case a Super Seagull is parachuting above you. Just in case.

Rock & Roll Twitch Drops Return

The Rock & Roll Twitch Drops are returning Tuesday, August 23rd until Tuesday, August 30th! If you missed them during Season 4’s big launch, now’s your chance to grab them. Connect your Super Animal and Twitch accounts here and watch anyone streaming Super Animal Royale on Twitch with Drops enabled and a cosmetic will drop after each hour of viewing.

We’re also releasing the Hound Dog single from our composer, Jake Butineau, later this month on Spotify for you to rock out to once you equip your items!

Discord Overhaul

Our Discord is also getting a sizable update this week to make it easier to use, nicer looking, and more functional. Some of the changes include opt-in regional roles that you can use to be notified of major community events in your region, a lore discussion channel, a new player help channel, and a Carl’s Cart and S.A.W. Shop channel to let you see what’s in rotation right in Discord.

There’s no better time to check it out if you’re looking to make some new friends and find a community of Super Animal Royale enthusiasts to share your clips, screenshots, art, and cute animal pics with.

That’s all for today, Super Animals! We’ve been hard at work on some exciting updates coming to the game in late September alongside Season 5, including some of the items teased in our roadmap, and we can’t wait to share them with you next month. Thank you so much for your continued support and feedback, helping us make Super Animal Royale better and better!

Make sure to join us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit for more updates on upcoming events and Season 5!


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