Super Animal Royale v1.4.1: SvR updates, Super Animal breeds, Steam Deck and more!

S.A.W. vs Rebellion mode improvements, new breeds, and Steam Deck support arrive in this small update.

Summer is just around the corner, Super Animals! To prepare for the big Season 4 update (version 1.5) that will be landing this June, we’ve put together this small update to add some new critters, compatibility, and content to tide you over between seasons!

2022 has already been a big year for SAR, and there are even bigger and beastlier things on the horizon. In the meantime, here are some highlights from this small v1.4.1 update:

  • SvR mode improvements and balance changes, with more on the way in June!
  • Two new Super Animal Breeds: the Super Cotton Candy Sheep and Super Cotton Candy Snow Leopard.
  • The “LOVE” code bundle has been expanded with the new Rainbow Shutter Shades.
  • SAR now has full Steam Deck support!
  • Miscellaneous changes and bug fixes.

We’d also like to shout out Super Artist, content creator, and longtime community member, Kandi Kat, for the Super Cotton Candy Snep requests and inspiration. Thanks for letting us all know how much we needed a snep like this in our lives: you were right.

S.A.W. vs Rebellion

SvR 2.0 made a ruckus on the island in the 1.4 update, bringing new life and features to SAR’s first rotating game mode. We’re glad the matches have been every bit as chaotic and fun as we’d hoped for, and have some improvements in store to make them even better!

S.A.W. vs Rebellion Map Improvements

With help from the S.A.W. Lab Labs, we’ve tirelessly poured over the S.A.W. vs Rebellion data, and identified a few battlefields that could use some minor balancing!


Flag configurations have been changed for the following SvR maps: Battle of Bamboo, Operation Lab Labs, and Saharaland Skirmish. We hope these changes will aid in balancing these maps, and we have even bigger improvements for the mode coming in our June update!

S.A.W. vs Rebellion Gameplay Improvements

As always, we’ve been gathering and carefully considering your feedback, and have made the following adjustments and tweaks to provide better balance and improve quality of life:

  • Sniper I now gets a rare Hunting Rifle, and Sniper II gets a legendary Sniper rifle.
  • The Sniper rifle has reduced recoil in this mode and in The Bwoking Dead.
  • In order to rank up as a Medic, you must now heal 75 HP to gain a tick towards Medic II (up from 50 HP).
  • If you or a player in your squad is featured in the Top Players section after a match, the name of that player will be highlighted in green.
  • The sound effect for respawning has been updated to be as explosive as its animation. Up you go, pup!
  • Controller navigation for the Class menu is only enabled once the corresponding UI animation finishes (this is to prevent accidental class changes using the joystick).
  • A font sizing issue with some languages has been improved on the Class ready button.

If you’d like to submit feedback of your own about SvR or any other aspect of the game, be sure to share your feedback and join the discussion in our Discord server! We have lots more in store for SvR fans in June.

Sweet New Super Animal Breeds, Fresh from the Lab Lab!

New from the Lab Lab comes a pair of sugary sweet new breeds: the Super Cotton Candy Sheep and the Super Cotton Candy Snow Leopard!

Thankfully, the magic of genetic engineering has helped make sure that wading in shallow water won’t cause these candy critters to melt away… probably! You can unlock them in the Research Lab under the Super Sheep and Super Leopard categories, respectively.

Rainbow Shutter Shades Arrive in the “LOVE” Bundle

The LOVE bundle has a brand new addition: Rainbow Shutter Shades! To get your pair (along with the other two items, if you haven’t claimed the bundle yet), you can enter the code “LOVE” in the Coupon Code box, accessible from the Options menu.

Steam Deck Support

We have great news for Steam Deck players: full Steam Deck compatibility has been implemented, including text input support for the Steam Deck’s virtual keyboard. This means whether you’re on your PC or on the go, you can enjoy some tooth-and-claw chaos without compromising your experience at all!

Super Fanart Contest Crayons

We’ve patched the Green Crayon melee weapon into the update so we can start handing out codes to claim it for all those who participated in the latest Super Fanart Contest! If you participated, just watch your Discord for a DM with a code from our Community Manager, Logan, by the end of this week. From Pixile and the Super Museum of Modern Art curators, thank you for your beautiful and poignant submissions.

Gameplay and Visual Updates

  • Mushroom spawn chance has been increased from 28% to 40%, to make them a more plentiful option for healing, especially since some forested areas have been replaced over time. Coconut spawn chance has also increased from 35% to 40%, so there will be more available for healing along beaches.
  • Skunk Bomb damage stacking has been reduced. If you are standing within 2 overlapping enemy Skunk Bombs, each one will only do 70% damage (11 per tick rather than the full 16 damage per tick). If you are standing in 3 or more, each will only do 57% damage (9 per tick).
  • Grenades and explosive barrels have been changed so that 20-39 damage will remove 1 tick of armor, 40-59 damage will remove 2 ticks, and 60+ damage will remove 3 ticks. Previously, explosions would remove all armor if they dealt any more than 20 damage.
  • Emus have received some obedience training: now when they’re dismounted they’ll wait a small period of time before they begin to wander again on their own.
  • The sounds for the Chainsaw melee item have been updated.
  • Added tape over the wires at S.A.W. Security HQ. Wouldn’t want anyone to trip on them!
  • The Rebel Desert Outfit has a better animation mesh on its cape now.
  • The reward popup for Super Animals will say “NEW SUPER ANIMAL,” rather than “NEW ITEM.”
  • Added some missing translations for Animal Pass tier purchasing.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed spelling on the Hopperfield writing on the Super Animal Super Stage roof.
  • Fixed an issue with spectating teammates where an incorrect weapon would be displayed initially.
  • Fixed the Research Lab breeds list being highlightable while in the animal unlock sequence.
  • Fix for buying Animal Pass tiers not updating the archive screen.
  • One Hit Kill (Mystery Mode) fixes: the S.A.W. Impossible Tape powerup no longer spawns in this mode, and clams no longer drop grenades.
  • Fixed a bug where the eject and parachute/freefall bindings were not properly updating when switching between keyboard/mouse and controller bindings.
  • Fixed a bug where enabling a controller while on the map screen wouldn’t show the aiming reticle on the map.
  • Fixed an animation bug in the initial frame of respawning in S.A.W. vs. Rebellion, and fixed a gun size bug during the animation.
  • Fixed some classes being able to loot light bullets in S.A.W. vs. Rebellion when they have no use for them (in the mode you can only pick up ammo relevant to your class).
  • Private Matches no longer kicks players for AFKing in the S.A.W. vs. Rebellion and Bwoking Dead modes.
  • Fixed “S.A.W.” text being lowercase in the Animal Pass tier purchase UI.
  • Fixed a bug where private match admin ghosts couldn’t see players on the map or minimap after they died in S.A.W. vs. Rebellion.
  • Fixed minimum font size issue for the equip/purchase button on Animal Pass items.
  • Fixed a sound clipping issue on the Rebel Guitar melee weapon.

That’s all for this update, Super Animals! We’ll see you on the island, and we can’t wait to share something Giant with you in the Season 4 update in late June.


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