Feel Good, Fight Good with Super Animal Royale Season 7 and the Super Healthy Pass!

The Health Juice Factory, Super Lemurs, Photo Booth and more arrive in Season 7

Super Animal Royale Season 7 is here, and it’s all about how the island’s combatants stay healthy and in shape for their battle to the death.

Whether you’re riding conveyor belts as a Super Lemur at the new Health Juice Factory, snapping a photo with squadmates with the new Photo Booth feature, or collecting eggs in the Respawning Day event, the update has something that’s great for your health, so let’s waste no more time and jog right into the patch notes.


  • The Super Healthy Pass celebrates the many ways to stay super healthy with 49 tiers of fruit and health-themed items, plus the new Mini Lemur pet and Aerobics emote.
  • A New Starter Pack features the Super Alchemist Tiger, S.A.W. Tickets and some mad science swag.
  • The New Photo Booth Feature lets you place, pose and photograph your Super Animals in a variety of layered scenes.
  • The Super Lemur leaps into the fray, with 6 breeds total to add to your lineup of Super Animals.
  • A New Map Location lets you ride functioning conveyor belts through a factory fully operated by crabs. Discover how Health Juice is made at the Health Juice Factory!
  • The Respawning Day event (previously known as Super Easter) is live until April 18th! Celebrate the miracle of cloning with 8 new and 18 returning legacy cosmetics as well as three new Super Animal breeds, fresh from the vats: the Super Bilby Bunny, Tailed Frog, and Chipmunk.
  • The Super Juicer powerup lets you carry more Health Juice and blends coconuts, mushrooms and more into portable Health Juice.
  • A healthy dose of gameplay updates listed below including a new style of tents, Bwoking Dead balancing, new music and improved bot AI.
  • We’re also super excited to finally be launching a new Super Merch Shop next week, including the long awaited Health Juice tumblers!

Replenish Your Style: The Super Healthy Pass Is Here!

Season 7 is all about getting healthy, staying healthy, and the delicious drink that makes it all possible: Health Juice. The Super Healthy Pass is more than ready to flex its wealth of wellness-themed goodies, including the Mini Lemur pet, the Aerobics emote, and the Thermometer Pistol which comes with a custom reload sound!

During Season 7, the Super Healthy Pass will be available for a discounted price of 550 S.A.W. Tickets.

As always, you can continue working on passes you own from previous seasons on your second track for as long as you need, and you can purchase them from The Archive for 750 S.A.W. Tickets.

Season 7 Starter Pack DLC

The new season also brings with it a new Starter Pack, available until the end of the season!

The Season 7 Starter Pack features the following items:

  • Super Alchemist Tiger
  • Alchemist Outfit
  • Potion melee weapon
  • 600 SAW tickets

Super Lemurs Join the Party!

The primate posse has expanded: Super Lemurs have arrived in the Research Lab, and they’re ready to move it, move it and prove they belong right at the top of the food chain.

Super Lemurs are available in the Research Lab beginning at level 60, with six total breeds to unlock:

  • Super Lemur
  • Super Taro Lemur
  • Super Pomegranate Lemur
  • Super Sifaka
  • Super Red Ruffed Lemur
  • Super Aye-aye

Health Juice Factory: Where the Juice is Produced

The Health Juice Factory has arrived on the island, revealing the long-awaited secrets of how sweet, refreshing Health Juice is made! Here, the beverage’s main ingredient, Health Fruit, is grown and harvested for processing. You can also steal it off the conveyors to restore 5 health, and your consumption will be rewarded with 2 new milestone cosmetics to earn.

The factory’s diligent Health Crab workers can be seen picking Health Fruit, inspecting the line, operating machinery, and bartending. These crustaceous critters are hard workers, so be sure not to bother them on the job.

Conveyor belts throughout the factory transport Health Fruit (and anything/one that finds its way onto them) to an industrial-sized juice press. Super Animal World’s operations team asks that Super Animals please refrain from riding the conveyors, and will not be held liable for any resulting impurities in its sweet, refreshing Health Juice product.

Flex Your Creativity in the Photo Booth

With the new Photo Booth, accessible from the main menu, you can place, pose, and record your Super Animals in a variety of themed scenes!

In the Photo Booth, you can:

  • Choose from 7 backgrounds, including a green screen, S.A.W. Welcome Center, Pixile Port, and more.
  • Place up to 12 Super Animals in a scene (from your own saved presets, or from friends you’ve recently squadded up with).
  • Choose from a set of standard animations or any emotes you own. You can keep them animated, or pause and scrub through their animation frames to find the perfect pose for snapping a photo.
  • Freely adjust each animal’s weapon, size, brightness, and shadow.
  • Take photos or record .gifs and .mp4s of your completed scenes (note: some recording options may not be available on all platforms).

Additionally, due to popular demand we’ve increased the maximum number of animal presets from 20 to 30 so you’ll have lots to fuel your creativity in the Photo Booth.

Respawning Day: An Egg-celent Event

Commemorating the first successful cloning of a Super Animal, Respawning Dayis the island‘s new twist on a typical Easter celebration! In this season of spring when nature comes back to life, Super Animals celebrate their own decidedly unnatural origins.

The Respawning Day event will take place from March 28th through April 18th.

Scour the island for eggs to redeem for 8 new event items and 18 returning seasonal items and create three new Super Animal breeds, fresh from their comfy, cozy cloning vats:

  • Super Tailed Frog
  • Super Bilby Bunny
  • Super Chipmunk (a Super Squirrel breed)

We’re planning to evolve our event format in the future, so if you have any feedback on what you like, don’t like, or would like to see added or changed in future events, let us know in the Steam comments! For this event, we made the decision not to bring back the event currency leaderboard. We originally created the leaderboard to provide a use for surplus event currency, but we feel that it has clashed with our design philosophy of encouraging healthy amounts of play and being respectful of player time.

Super Juicer: Juiced in Time

The Super Juicer is a new powerup that allows you to carry 250 max Health Juice (up from 200) and convert consumable healing pickups into Health Juice while at full HP.

The overall spawn rate of all powerups has also been increased as part of this addition.

New to the S.A.W. Shop: Sheep Bundle

Have you herd? The SAW Shop has an ewe-tiful new bundle available this week: the Sheep Bundle!

Flock to Ms. Macawesome’s boutique to get:

  • Sheep Costume
  • Wool Pistol
  • Shears melee weapon

Gameplay Changes

Update v1.8’s got a healthy amount of gameplay updates, so let’s waste no time in juicing them for all they’re worth:

  • All camping tents on the island have been opened up for looting, and have a more squared style to make collisions more clear.
  • Quick chat pings will now display in-world for your extended team in SvR or the Bwoking Dead game modes (previously, they were visible only on the map and minimap).
  • Pinging armor will now show its remaining ticks of armor if it is damaged or broken.
  • The “get a win in a limited time mode” challenge has been changed to “play matches of a limited time mode.”
  • Heavy I in SvR now has a rare magnum in place of the uncommon magnum.
  • Super Turducken now counts for the “Winner Winner Super Turkey” milestone.
  • You can now emote while sliding on ice!
  • Added additional rebel cache spawns in Murre Woods.
  • The Crocodile Club now plays Pete and the Swampcat’s hit song “Slow Jam” from its stage speakers.
  • SMOMA now has calming background music playing throughout its halls.
  • Max FPS in settings increased from 250 to 360.

Win rates for survivor players in the Bwoking Dead have been on the high side, and so we’ve made some changes to the mode to even things out:

Lowered Zombie Joe respawn times to get players back into the action faster.

*Zombie out of combat health regeneration is now 8 per second (up from 5).

  • Zombie explosion meter now fills up 15% from hitting emus (up from 10%), and 10% from edibles (up from 5%).
  • Event collectibles (ex. eggs during Respawning Day) now only spawn in the survivor-safe area of the skunk gas circle during the Bwoking Dead game mode.
  • Getting a kill as a zombie now counts towards melee kill milestones and stats.

Other Updates and Fixes

  • Retina resolutions are now supported on MacOS.
  • Umbrella holding animation is now smoother.
  • Discord is shutting down its game invite / lobbies feature at the beginning of May, so we’ve removed it from Super Animal Royale on PC. You’ll still be able to invite friends using Steam or cross-play codes as normal!
  • Updated a few screens to use faster performing scrolling rects rather than Unity’s default ones. This primarily translates to faster loading when clicking on milestones and the research lab.
  • Changed how files are loaded at app launch, which should speed up load times for slower systems.
  • Fixed a rare bug where a wall or environment piece would be invisible.
  • An occasional bug where players would have an invisible umbrella has been fixed.
  • Improved server handling of packet loss. This means that high-lag players should no longer slide through walls.
  • Fixed some grenade/throwable position sync issues between the client & server.
  • Removed player collisions for hamster balls and emus (this was a change that was originally implemented along with the new netcode and has now been ported into the current netcode).
  • Fixed a bug where if any inventory controls were bound to the (B) controller button, they wouldn’t work since (B) closes inventory.
  • All lighting-related bugs should now be fixed on consoles.
  • Fixed a bug where shooting was blocked on Steam Deck after chatting.
  • Private match hosts can use “/yell” to send a message to all players on the map. This works while in ghost spectate mode too.
  • Private match hosts can use “/god all” to toggle god-mode state on or off for all players.
  • Private match hosts can use “/tele all X Y” to teleport all players to a position.
  • The “/getplayers” command in private matches will now include squad ID, team ID, kill counts, and placement.
  • Fixed minigun needing to wind up before reloading when the clip was empty.
  • Fixed minigun not needing to wind up after a forced reload, while holding down the shoot button.

Some improvements have been made to bots:

Bot survivors in Bwoking Dead will shoot zombie bots more quickly.

  • Bots with dart guns will heal teammates in all modes.
  • Aggressive bots are now a bit more common, and will flee faster and attack-move faster.
  • Bots will now reload when outside of combat, as opposed to waiting for the next fight.
  • Some bots will travel to the Giant Star-nosed Mole in SvR to fight it.
  • Bots no longer jump roll while reloading, so they’ll avoid canceling their reloads as often.
  • Bots will change back to their gun after a fight if they ended the fight with their melee weapon out.

And we have one more super exciting thing to announce…

The Super Merch Shop Launches in Two Weeks

We’ve been hard at work setting up a brand new merch shop, and we’re opening up pre-orders for its first items on Tuesday, April 11th! Make sure you’re in our Discord server with notifications turned on or following us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Reddit to get notified when the merch drops!

We’ll have limited quantities of certain items during the launch and are packing and shipping it all ourselves, so make sure to get your order in while supplies last.

We hope you all enjoy the new update, event, and merch and we can’t wait to hear what you think of it all. Until next time, stay healthy, Super Animals!




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