Introducing the Story and Characters in Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break

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The Rock of Ages series has always had over-the-top, wacky humor and stories and Rock of Ages 3 continue that fine tradition! Rock of Ages 3 takes you on a wild adventure in the shoes of Odysseus, or….well his boat anyway. Whether this is your first venture into the series or you’re a returning fan, Rock of Ages doubles down on the beloved formula with the longest story to date and more content than ever before, making it the perfect standalone experience. If you’re not all caught up on the game yet, you can learn more about the basics here 

Let’s take a look at the world, story, and characters you will find in Rock of Ages 3. (Spoiler alert: It’s as bizarre as you remember.) 

A Hero’s Beginning… and End 

Rock of Ages 3’s story picks up right in the middle of one of Odysseus’s classic adventures, as he raids the cave of a giant cyclops named Polyphemus. When Polyphemus returns to the cave, Odysseus fools him, leaving the cyclops blind.  

polyphemus in rock of ages 3

The next morning, Odysseus manages to escape the cave as the cyclops lets his sheep out to graze. While he and his men sail away, Polyphemus hurls boulders into the sea hoping to thwart their escape. Finally, he hurls the ubiquitous Rock of Ages, sinking the fleeing vessel and flattening Odysseus.  

With the traditional hero of the story now quite literally swimming with the fishes, you will assume control over Odysseus’s lesser-known sidekick, Elpenor. A curse that Polyphemus asks his father Poseidon to place on Elpenor and his crew will force them to sail the seven seas, encountering characters from all over the world and from multiple eras of history.  

Iconic Cast of Characters  

As Elpenor and his cursed crew adventure across the world and time, they will be forced to battle historical leaders, mythical gods, heroes made famous through art history, and a few irreverent characters from folklore. Here’s a look at just a few of characters players will fight throughout the game: 

Julius Caesar: Rome’s most famous emperor, known for his laurel wreath and dying at the end of that Shakespeare play.  

Screenshot of Julius Caesar in Rock of Ages 3

Moctezuma: Aztec ruler of Tenochtitlan. Known mostly for his revenge.  

Rasputin: The Russian Mystic who survived being poisoned and shot three times, only to be killed after his assassin’s threw his body into an icy river. He may or may not have been raised from the dead. 

Screenshot of Rasputin in Rock of Ages 3

Krampus: Half goat. Half demon. All rockstar. A foil to Santa, this figure of central European mythology is sent to punish children that misbehave. 

GIF of Krampus in Rock of Ages 3

Genghis Khan: History’s most ruthless leader. Mongol conqueror. Iconic mustache. 

Queen Elizabeth: The Queen of England and Scotland. Last in the line of Tudors. Prequel to Queen Elizabeth II.  

Gif of Queen Elizabeth in Rock of Ages 3  

This is just a sample of the characters you will encounter as you journey through the world of Rock of Ages 3! 

Play Rock of Ages 3 June 2nd 

Experience Elpenor’s story when Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Google Stadia on June 2. Click here to learn more about the gamewishlist on Steam, and preorder today! 


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