Rock of Ages 3: Make and Break: New Boulders and Game Modes

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The Rock of Ages 3: Make and Break launch is fast approaching. We recently previewed the story and introduced you to several characters you will encounter when playing through the campaign. This week we want to focus on what makes Rock of Ages 3 well… rock: the boulders! 

Brand New Boulders of Destruction  

While there will be plenty of familiar faces (did you catch this subtle rock pun) returning in Rock of Ages 3, there will be plenty of new weapons of mass destruction at your disposal. Here’s a preview of the boulders that will be available when the game launches this June.    

Cheese WheelStriking fear into castle gates and the lactose intolerant, the giant cheese wheel is one of the faster boulders and offers better stability than the prehistoric wheel due to its wider base.   


Giant MeatballIs it spicy? We don’t know. But we do know that it gets bigger when it takes damage! And the bigger it gets, the more damage it deals at the end of its run.  

Snow BoulderA rolling stone gathers no moss, and a rolling snow ball loses mass as time goes by. What you lose in size as you go downhill, you make up for in being impervious to many projectiles.  

Snowball Boulder in Rock of Ages 3












Fist BoulderYou’ve heard of the iron fist, but do you know the stone fist? After jumping, this mighty knuckle sandwich releases a shockwave that does damage to nearby units.  

Sheep BoulderBaa baa black sheep have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir… a homogenous blob of sheep which includes copious amounts of wool… full. It’s light, so it covers great distances in the air.   

Humpty Dumpty (Only Available in the Humpty Dumpty Game Mode)If you think rolling an enormous egg down a hill laden with various obstacles was a bad idea, you’d be absolutely right! Humpty Dumpty is difficult to maneuver and breaks after just two hits, but try to tell us that gif isn’t hilarious.  


Returning boulders from Rock of Ages 2 include Rock of Ages, Lion Boulder, Medusa’s Boulder, Block of Ages, Armored Boulder, Globus Cruciger, Gunpowder Boulder, Fire Boulder, Angel Boulder, Globe, Sand Boulder, Pre-Historic Wheel, and Tar Boulder 

New Ways to Play  

Rock of Ages 3 doesn’t just have new boulders, there are also three brand new game modes where you’ll be able to enjoy once the game launches.  

Humpty Dumpty ModeIn the new Humpty Dumpty game mode, classic Rock of Ages action meets platforming. You will take control of the Humpty Dumpty boulder in uniquely themed courses as you race from start to finish. Two hits and Humpty Dumpty breaks, but there are checkpoints and extra lives you can pick up as you go. 


Avalanche: Defend your castle in this new strategy mode. During the build phase, you will construct robust defenses to fend off dozens of small and large boulders, as well as bombs, released to destroy your fortress. Since this mode does not have the Boulder phase like traditional war mode, you can equip more units and build far more defenses.   

Level Creator: New to Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break is the level creator that will add endless replayability. Design your most over-the-top courses using the advanced design tool and easily share them with friends! More information on this to come.   

Returning game modes include: War, Obstacle Course, Time Trial, and Skeeball  

Preorder Rock of Ages 3 Now! 

Take all of these new boulders for a test drive down the course when Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Google Stadia on June 2. Click here to learn more about the game, wishlist on Steam, andpreorder today! 


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