Play Super Animal Royale for Free on Xbox Game Preview Now!

Flick off those fleas, get groomed and grab the nearest grenade, Super Animal Royale is now available on Xbox Game Preview across Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Additionally, the Founder’s Edition, which comes with exclusive DLC, is available for free via Xbox Game Pass Perks. 

Today’s launch was accompanied by a brand-new trailer that showcases just how extreme the furrocious 64-player fight to the death gets: 

Available DLC Packs 

The Founder’s Edition includes the super Hellfire Skullcat, Super Pixile Fox, and Super Black Panther as well as the cosmetic items listed below: 

  • Pixile Purple Tee 
  • Pixile White Tee 
  • Angel Halo 
  • Charcoal Suit With Pixile Tie 
  • White Shutter Shade 
  • Heart Glasses 
  • Golden M16 
  • Golden Silenced Pisto 
  • Juggling Roulette Emote 
  • Fireworks Death Explosion 

The Starter Pack includes the Super Twilight Fennec, Twilight Newsboy Hat, and Twilight Overalls.  

And the Super Edition includes 1000 S.A.W. Tickets, 2x Carl Coin drop rate, 115 Super Milestone cosmetic items to earn in-game by completing milestones. Purchasers also receive the Super Hellfire Fox, Super Splash Bear, Super Leaf Skullcat, Super Thunder Tiger, and the cosmetic items listed below: 

  • SARturday Night Fever Emote 
  • Maid Outfit 
  • School Uniform (Boy) 
  • School Uniform (Girl) 
  • Black Triangle Shades 
  • 3D Glasses 
  • Swordfish Melee Weapon 
  • Lollipop Melee Weapon 
  • Pink Cowboy Hat 
  • Lightbulb (Hat) 

Map Update and New Super Animal 

Coinciding with today’s launch is a new Animal Pass and “Shorelines Update” that increases the map size and introduces a new animal to the fray – turtles! Slow and steady wins the race is a cute idea and all, but equip your turtle with a very fast gun for maximum impact. 

Read the full patch notes here!

Players who have enjoyed the game on Steam Early Access up to this point can continue on Xbox consoles with cross-save and cross-play available from day one.  

Hunt down the latest details on Super Animal Royale by visiting, joining the Super Animal RoyaleDiscord server (, or following the game on Twitter (@AnimalRoyale). 


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