Modus Games Partners with Pixile Studios to Publish Super Animal Royale

We are excited to announce a new partnership with developer Pixile Studios. As a part of this partnership, we will be publishing Pixile’s popular battle royaleSuper Animal Royale, which has been enjoyed by over 500,000 players in Steam Early Access.  

Super Animal Royale also transitions today to a fully free-to-play model. While still in Early Access on Steam, the change means all gamers can now join their friends in-game to earn cosmetics, participate in events, and enjoy the game’s new 32 vs 32 “S.A.W. (Super Animal World) vs. Rebellion” game mode completely free of charge! 

“We are thrilled to finally announce our partnership with Pixile, said Shane Bierwith, EVP of global marketing at Modus Games. “Super Animal Royale is an insanely fun game that bridges an accessibility gap in the battle royale genre. The shift to free-to-play is just the first of many exciting announcements ahead.” 

“Working with Modus has bumped the possibilities for our game to the next level,” said Michael Silverwood, co-founder of Pixile Studios. “We can’t wait to see where our partnership takes us and how the public responds to what we have in store!”  

Players eager to get into Super Animal Royale’s oh-so-adorable yet extreme animal mayhem can download the Steam Early Access version or keep the game in their sights by wishlisting it:  

Keep up with all of the latest Modus news by following us on Twitter and joining our Discord! Follow Super Animal Royale on Twitter and join their Discord for tips and tricks. 


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