Modus Games Acquires Maximum Football Series

Today, we announced our acquisition of the Maximum Football IP and development on a new entry into the series has begun. Previously developed and published by Canuck Play and Spear Interactive respectively, the next game is being developed by Gamecan and FUN Labs and will launch with enhanced features for a completely rebuilt gaming experience. The new entry will show off fresh graphics and visuals, with all character models, stadiums and more recreated from the ground up, as well as improved on-field gameplay.

Historically, Maximum Football has offered a simulation of American football and the ability to play multiple rule sets including US Pro, College, and Canadian, allowing players to create their own football universe by customizing every team, uniform, logo and player in the game. A set of brand-new features and innovations to the next game in the series will be announced at a later date, though Modus assures fans the signature “Dynasty Mode” – wherein players can manage a College football team over the length of its career – will remain.

“We are looking forward to taking an already dynamic sports game and putting our stamp on it,” said Christina Seelye, CEO of Modus Games. “We’re working to build on the strong foundation and feature set of previous Maximum Football games, while adding community requested features and mechanics to build the ultimate football sandbox experience.”

“We are confident Modus Games will further grow the Maximum Football brand and are thrilled to see the franchise put in their care,” said David Winter, Founder and President of Canuck Play.

Maximum Football was initially released on PC in 2005 and the series was relaunched on Xbox One and PS4 in 2018 with the release of Maximum Football 2018. For more information, visit Join the Discord server. 


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