Lunar New Year 2024: Year of the Super Dragon

Super Eastern Dragons, three weeks of challenges, nine new event items, and more



The Year of the Super Dragon is here! Super Animal World is celebrating the triumphant release of Super Dragons with all-new Eastern Dragon breeds, 15 event challenges, 9 new event cosmetics, and more.


Year of the Super Dragon Event


From now through Friday, February 16th, the event is in full swing! Here’s how it works:

  • When each week begins, a set of five weekly challenges will unlock for you to complete, with three of these challenges awarding you with the event’s new cosmetic items. Once each week’s challenges have unlocked, you’ll have until the event ends to complete them and earn their rewards.
  • Each week also debuts a new Super Animal breed (or breeds) in the Research Lab! As always, Super Animals introduced as part of an event are permanent additions so there’s no time limit to unlock them. Take your time and pace yourself!
  • Red envelope collectibles can be found all around Super Animal World that’ll not only count towards your challenge progress but also restore a small amount of health when picked up. You’ll also earn them from completing matches.
  • Crates full of firework bundles will spawn in and around S.A.W. Bamboo Resort. You can destroy or shoot them to cause a small damaging explosion, dealing 40 damage at the explosion’s center. They’ll also drop red envelopes for you to pick up.

The island is also decorated with a brand new Welcome Center fountain complete with new music by Catbaux, and festive Bamboo Resort updates like the new dragon statue and couplet on the entrance gate.


We’ve got three weeks of challenges and rewards arriving over the course of the event, so let’s dive right into what has arrived today for Week 1:


Year of the Super Dragon Week 1



To celebrate the Year of the Dragon (and by very popular request) three Super Dragon breeds inspired by Eastern Mythology have been added to the Research Lab! That means we’ll be introducing 5 new Super Animal breeds total for this event, starting this week with the new Super Eastern Dragons.


5 Challenge rewards to earn

  • Dragon Necklace | Collect Red Envelopes (1000)
  • 1500 XP | Break Fireworks Crates (2)
  • Dragon Jacket | Get Kills (12)
  • 750 Carl Coins | Chop Bamboo Bushes (75)
  • Dragon Paper Umbrella | Land at the S.A.W. Bamboo Resort

New Super Animal breeds

  • Super Eastern Dragon
  • Super Lunar Dragon
  • Super Golden Dragon

New in the SAW Shop



The Mime Bundle is new in Ms. Macawsome’s shop, and the animals are not gonna be silent about it. It includes:

  • Mime Hat
  • Mime Outfit
  • Mime Skirt
  • Eiffel Tower melee weapon

You can also pick up the new Chew Toy melee weapon and Messenger Bag in the SAW Shop, too!


New in Carl’s Cart



Cackling Carl’s got some new stock, too – by popular demand from our French community, the Baguette melee weapon has been added to his rotating stock! We promise it only deals damage because it’s so delicious, not because it’s gone super stale.


You can also pick up the new Teal Bones Pajamas outfit from Carl’s Cart.


Super St. Bernard is in the Research Lab



In case you missed it, the Super St. Bernard breed of Super Dog is here to keep you warm through the winter! You can unlock it in the Research Lab any time you’d like, starting at level 1.


Turnip Boy Robs a Bank is Out!



We collaborated with our friends at Snoozy Kazoo in late 2023 to bring you our first-ever crossover event, and they’ve finally released the new game that the event was based on: Turnip Boy Robs a Bank! We’ve been having a ton of fun with the new game ourselves – including on the latest Pixile Plays stream – and who knows, there might be some unexpected but familiar faces deep in the bank for you to discover…


Check out the game’s Steam Page to learn more:


Plus, our sound designer and composer, Catbaux, collaborated with Snoozy Kazoo’s Okinoth to make some amazing collab tracks!



Listen to both tracks on the Super Animal Royale x Turnip Boy Robs a Bank EP on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon Music and other major music streaming platforms!


For those who missed the Turnip Boy Robs a Bank crossover event in SAR, don’t worry, you’ll have another opportunity to get your paws on its items in the future too!


Big Things in the Works for Super Animal World



The Dragon’s Loot Update has been out for a month now (hope you’ve all been having a ton of fun with it!) so we wanted to share this schedule again in case anyone missed it for what you can look forward to next from the game.


After The Year of the Super Dragon event, up next will be the ReSpawning Day event (as well as a couple more surprises scattered in between), and then we’ll be sharing more about the anticipated Top Secret Project. We know you’re excited to see what we’re working on and we can’t wait to show you when it’s ready!


Join us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, TikTok, Bluesky and Discord to keep up to date on the upcoming weeks of the Lunar New Year event and all Super Animal Royale news. We’ll see you on the island!


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