Life Sim SunnySide Heads to PC May 24, Consoles Following July 10

Mark your calendars, Maximum Entertainment and indie developer RainyGames are excited to announce that our upcoming farming and life sim SunnySide’ is Heading to PC on May 24th, with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S to follow from 10th July!

Featuring a rich anime inspired cast of characters, modern farm-sim gameplay, and a cozy turn-based combat system, SunnySide promises to push the boundaries of the entire genre. Physical versions of SunnySide will also be launching to PlayStation 5 from Friday 12th July. Fans can pre-order now at all good retailers, including Signature Edition Games!

Set in a small Japanese town, this innovative farming and life simulation features over a hundred different crops to grow and more than 25 characters to meet. SunnySide’s “hang out” system also allows players to seamlessly balance cultivating new relationships while building their perfect homestead.

Beyond its farming simulator mechanics, SunnySide will take players on a fully-fledged narrative adventure. After a thousand-year-old survey drone named Sparky rescues you from a cave-in, you’re tasked with helping this new companion retrieve their lost memories and complete the last mission they remember: learn more about humans. Join Sparky on a mission of self-discovery while exploring the mysterious caves together, and team-up in a cozy card-based battle system.

Key Features:

  • Experience innovative gameplay that finally modernizes the classic Farm Sim.
  • Join the established community of SunnySide and build relationships with its many inhabitants.
  • Express yourself with deep customization in character creation and building your homestead.
  • Use your time to chase your interests and truly express yourself.
  • Enjoy a unique and cozy battle system as you explore the caves beneath SunnySide.

Meet new people and learn about their lives, support their businesses, hang out around town and in the city, and even pursue some romance.

Coming to Makeship on April 12th for a limited period of 21 days, fans can grab an exclusive Sparky plush, produced with high end materials and a quality finish! Order your limited edition plushie only at Makeship.

 Use modern technology to balance time between your new farm life and joining the local community.

Your avatar, homestead, and even your in-game cell phone can all be tailored to your preferences and desires. Place your home and customize your farm layout however you want! There are plenty of decorations, clothing styles, and hair options to enjoy on your journey of self-discovery.

Disclaimer: SunnySide is a Farm Sim with no watering cans, shipping containers, gift-based socializing, mayonnaise machines, or endless walking.

The best part of living in the country is becoming part of a community. Enjoy hanging out with the local residents, listen to their stories, witness their lives, form bonds, attend events, and build a life you can be proud of.

‘SunnySide’ is published by Maximum Entertainment and developed by RainyGames. Available on PC from May 24th, with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S to follow on 10th June. Fans can wishlist now on Steam.

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