Lead A Gang of Intergalactic Outlaws in Strategy-FPS Hybrid Wild Bastards, Coming to PC in 2024

Can you Reunite and Manage the Wild Bastards in this Cosmic Spaghetti Western?

We are excited to announce Wild Bastards [https://store.steampowered.com/app/1660840/wild_bastards/], a hybrid strategy and first-person shooter game with heart-pounding tactical combat starring intergalactic outlaws on the run, launching on PC next year. Wild Bastards is a thrilling follow-up to Void Bastards, the acclaimed FPS played by 8 million+ players, and was announced today during the PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted showcase. Watch the announcement trailer below:

Wild Bastards’ debut trailer showcases its titular gunslinging bandits in high-stakes firefights, as well as an evolution of the series’ core gameplay as the group flies between the stars, rides across planets and performs heists. Each character wields distinct weapons, stunts and traits, but to make best use of these, players must understand their match-ups against the huge variety of enemies they’ll encounter and the role of the different environments they must fight in. Thoughtfully calling the shots is just as important as a steady aim in this sci-fi shooter.

Wild Bastards finds its lawbreakers hunted and nearly eradicated by Jebediah Chaste, a ruthlessly puritanical magnate. After killing all but two of the Bastards, Jebediah’s final targets are miraculously saved by a mysterious, sentient spaceship known as The Drifter. The Bastards flee an unwinnable standoff, exploring an ever-changing and lawless galaxy rife with precious weapons and spoils as well as grisly fates in a grand attempt to resurrect their compatriots while living to steal another day.

While working to demystify The Drifter’s intentions in saving them, you will amass a gang of 13 playable and uniquely talented criminals, managing the relationships between them and guiding their growth. Juggle injuries and feuds while plotting a path through the galaxy, exploring and fleecing planets and, of course, shooting anyone or anything who gets in the way. Prevailing through Wild Bastards’ campaign also unlocks a Challenge Mode which adds modifiers and a steadily ramping challenge to keep outlaws on their toes.

Stay informed with Wild Bastards at www.wildbastards.com.



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