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Override 2’s arenas opened last month, and we’ve received a lot of great feedback from pilots on all platforms. We will be rolling out updates on a regular basis to address that feedback and make additional improvements to the game. Bookmark this page to keep up with all of the latest patch notes.

4/27/21 – A New Patch is Now Available for All Platforms. The patch includes:

  • New Ultraman Ultraseven (Dan Moroboshi)
  • Stardust balance changes
    • Fixed bug where players could cancel out of Unicorn Charge after it was blocked
    • Reduced number of bounces on Bouncing Star when used without Glow Up
    • Increased recovery time on Bouncing Star
  • Club Duels now allow playing against AI

3/22/21 – A New Patch is Now Available for All Platforms. The patch includes:

  • Black King — Added a new Ultraman mech
  • Added cross-platform matchmaking between Steam, PS4, PS5, XB1 and XBX X|S

2/12/21 – A New Patch is Now Available for All Platforms. Fixed Include:

  • New mech added for Season Pass owners (Bemular).
  • Added support PS4/PS5 cross-generation matchmaking.
  • Added support for co-op matchmaking to Leagues and Quick Play -> Random.
  • Removed infinite combos from Crystal and Cocada.
  • Fixed Stardust’s infinite damage multiplier and reduced its bonus to 30% instead of 100%.
  • Fixed Maestro’s projectiles not colliding with terrain.
  • Fixed Mya’s air slash (right punch while in air) not following the proper trajectory.
  • Fixed ways to bypass certain ability cooldowns (like Pescado’s hook).
  • Fixed a crash that could happen while using Rocca’s rocket punch.
  • Fixed Atlas’s boomerang trajectory.
  • Fixed Bellona’s Ground Sword and Ultimate not hitting people on the edges of stages.
  • Fixed a desync that happened if someone were hit by the falling buildings on Brightsail Point and Central Rise.

1/15/21 – A New Patch is Available for Nintendo Switch. Fixes Include:

  • Nintendo Switch Online subscription check skippable
  • Playing offline now possible in Leagues and other single-player modes (and in airplane mode)
  • Input delay improved greatly in single player
  • Cocada infinite combos have been removed
  • Stardust Glow Up damage increase no longer lasts for the entire match


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