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December 7, 2021: Today we’re releasing a small update, In Sound Mind 1.04 with a few bug fixes for a better overall experience.

  • Fixed an issue causing the collectible pill in the lobby floor of the hub to get clipped through the window if migrating from a 1.02 save into 1.03. The interaction was fixed and this should no longer happen to any collectible.
  • Fixed a few trigger issues in Max’s tape, with one notable issue causing the bottom floor of the factory to sometimes not load correctly.
  • Fixed an issue around re-playing the RB finale tape with the tape not being reset properly. Additional fixes to tape reset mechanics when replaying the same tape for the third time in a row.
  • Fixed a bug with The Shade’s decal effect.
  • Fixed an issue with weapons not given back after returning to the office on tape replay. If your Mirror Shard disappeared, try going back to the hub office and it should be given back.
  • Improved the volumetric lights in Desmond’s office.

Don’t forget to check the quality of life improvements and balancing changes just recently released with patch 1.03 below.


November 25, 2021: In Sound Mind Patch 1.03 is now live. Following your feedback, live streams and reports we’ve fixed bugs, took care of rare blockers, rebalanced many parts and improved the overall flow of In Sound Mind. Please note that the patch notes may include spoilers.

– The game now stores 5 latest autosave checkpoints instead of 1. There’s a new load screen displaying the list of recent saves, time and location. This allows going back a bit further in case needed. Your original save will work the same.
– Improved hangs during saves in mid to late game. Save file size reduced by roughly 50%.
– Fixed a crash on Windows 8.1
– Added surround sound 5, 5.1 and 7.1 support on PC following player feedback.
– Following player feedback, it is now possible to collect all pills even after defeating a boss, prior to heading back to the office(e.g. sinking crates with The Shade near the lighthouse, riding The Bull for some pills near the factory, etc.)
– Fixed a UI visual issue causing some game objectives to re-appear when loading saves.
– Various localization fixes and improvements.
– Changing the FOV now properly positions the weapon, so Desmond’s hand is no longer awkwardly stretched out at 90 FOV.
– Various rare gameplay blocker issues resolved.
– Increased font size and time for the “you can live stream this game and music” message at the intro to make sure streamers see it – Yes you can stream the game and its music! Also added it to the audio settings screen.

Enemies and Combat:

– Enemy inkblots can now open doors. Good luck.
– The Brute Inkblot can now lift its arm up as a shield. Adjusted its animations and speed slightly.
– Fixed various issues in Enemy Inkblots noise system setup.
– Melee inkblots run slightly faster.
– Enemy inkblots have a slightly higher chance to spawn with armor.
– Balanced collectible upgrades: Health upgrade downgraded from 10 to 5 HP per 3 pills, Speed from 0.075 to 0.055 per 3 pills, Stealth radius from 0.075 to 0.050 per 3 pills.
– Weapons and food values re-balanced.

The Building (Hub):

– The Pistol quest is now mandatory prior to the supermarket. Added a small tutorial with a note after assembling the pistol about using it on explosive barrels.
– Fixed an issue causing the guitar prop to play by itself sometimes in Desmond’s apartment.
– Various level design improvements in the building.
– Transition Areas: Adjusted some audio tape locations making it easier to spot and listen to.
– RB Tape: Various minor gameplay improvements to make the fight sequence flow better.
– RB Tape: Moved the save point prior to Dave so the clap achievement can be perfected.

Virginia’s Tape:

– Fixed a rare issue causing to get stuck in the forklift and get saved.
– Fixed a rare bug causing two Agents to appear at once in the freezer. One is enough.
– The Watcher now properly reacts to stuns.
– Desmond now responds to the photobooth sequence.

Allen’s Tape:

– Fixed some visual issues with The Shade’s pit effect.
– Added small step to the Lighthouse Basement to make it easier to jump back up.
– Fixed a bug allowing to get the crank while the gate is still open in the boathouse puzzle. The puzzle was readjusted and balanced.
– Fixed a rare issue causing to get stuck within the wall after obtaining the Flare Gun in the Thanatos trip.
– Adjusted the generator puzzle to remain on for a little longer.
– Added 3 additional save points in the wharf area.
– Replaced the pill crates puzzle in the wharf from physics based to tween based, making it more reliable preventing strange collision issues.
– Fixed a rare issue causing The Shade to spawn outside of the Wharf area.
– Fixed issue unintentionally allowing to collect the collectible pill in the dried bay without walking the invisible steps leading to it.
– Adjusted the platforming in the ??? area.
– The Shade’s smoke deals more damage.
– The red lighthouse beam deals more damage.

Max’s Tape:

– Fixed issues causing the key card puzzle in the top floor to sometimes not activate properly.
– Fixed an issue causing the swamp and quarry areas not to load correctly in some rare occasions, preventing progression.
– The Bull’s navigation was revamped, and should make its way across the level more easily. This should fix an issue causing The Bull to appear high up in the air during the boss fight at the end unintentionally.
– The Bull should no longer stutter in the end scene when hooking him up to the truck.
– Tweaked the initial trainyard puzzle with better clues.
– The conveyer belts puzzle in the Factory bottom floor was tweaked, better clues and more food. The Bull can no longer access the area near the blast room, giving Desmond more space.
– The Bull cave is now blocked, preventing some confusion about facing The Bull within the cave.
– Power station puzzle and subsequent Inkblots battle improved with clues about using the electricity against the incoming waves.
– Simplified the electricity puzzle in the trainyard center, leading into the power station.
– Added better guidance leading to the quarry.
– Moved some save points around to safer locations.
– More Lure Pills spawn in the boss fight at the end.

Lucas’s Tape:

– Starting from the second bunker encounter, The Flash spawns with shields making him more challenging to stun using the Radio Device.
– Added guidance from the water treatment facility to the cable car station.
– Cemetery lamps now show up in the Mirror Shard reflection to make it clearer it can be interacted with. Flares ammo locker now produces infinite ammo for this sequence.
– Some land mines are now hidden under grass.
– Various sequences improved and tweaked to feel better overall.
– The Flash moves more during the boss fight, and the towers around the radar glow stronger.
– Simplified first Radio Device tutorial in the cabin.
– Rosemary’s vinyl record now appears in the Mirror Shard and is easier to trigger.

Thanks again for sending over your feedback, bugs, and your experiences! We’d like to mention we’re still hunting down more issues and working on optimizing performance across platforms, so stay tuned.

October 12, 2021: Thank you so much for the overwhelming response since release, and for communicating with us any issues that you encounter. Today we’re releasing the first stability patch for In Sound Mind. We have more improvements, bug fixes, and QoL changes in the works, so please stay tuned.

A new patch is now available for Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. Fixes include: 

  • Fixed a rare crash while fighting The Bull.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to sometimes get locked outside of the quarry in Tape 3, at the end of The Bull boss fight.
  • Loading a save will set the player with at least 20 HP, preventing rare cases where saving with near 0 HP can cause instant death.
  • Improved performance and hangs around enemy inkblots.
  • Player speed should jitter less strangely when experiencing low frame rates.
  • Original demo saves are no longer detected in the main menu (this was unintentional).
  • Fixed reported minor localization mistakes.

I want to add that we are continuing to improve the save system and addressing performance issues on some systems, as well as some other requested changes. We’re also balancing the game for a smoother overall experience following your feedback. Thanks again for playing In Sound Mind, for your patience, and for petting Tonia on your way out of the office!


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