In Sound Mind will Haunt Next-Gen Consoles and Steam in 2021

In Sound Mind is a psychedelic thriller from the creative masterminds at We Create Stuff – the team behind the critically acclaimed Nightmare House series of sourcemods and a custom map pack for Valve’s 2007 puzzler Portal that was so good it was included in the official release for Portal: Still Alive. To celebrate the announcement we have released a 2-hour long demo that will take players through the entire first chapter of the game on Steam – and you can play it right now!

A new survival experience from the creators of the legendary Nightmare House 2!

We Create Stuff has brought together talent from all over the world to craft their biggest project yet – a psychedelic thriller with gameplay reminiscent of classic horror and FPS titles of the early 2000s, a quirky yet unsettling story, and an all-original soundtrack by the internet sensation The Living Tombstone!

For those who never had the chance to experience Nightmare House 2 (Why haven’t you, it’s also free!), We Create Stuff relies on a unique blend of horror, quirky humor, and unexpected elements rather than cheap jump scares and visceral gore to create its memorable atmosphere. Players can expect spooky moments, pettable cats, sentient mannequins, frantic boss fights, challenging puzzles, and dream-like landscapes wrapped up a smart and witty story.

Experience a series of haunting memories.

In Sound Mind puts players in control of Desmond Wales, a psychiatrist whose patients have all experienced grim fates. As his own psyche begins to crumble, he must explore the audio recordings of his sessions with his patients, each of which plunges him into a series of nightmarish visions where their greatest fears manifest as horrific monsters in search of the root of their paranoia, and his own.

Overcome a cast of terrors in climactic boss fights!

Cassette tapes serve as your gateway to the different memories of your patients, where you will explore and eventually understand the root of their trauma. Their insecurities, faults, and torment will take the form of unspeakable horrors that will haunt you throughout this vision and will prove to be just as dangerous to you as it was its host. These cast of terrors will ultimately become challenging boss fights you must overcome to put their paranoia to rest and discover the answers you are searching for.

Unexpect the expected.

If it hasn’t been made clear yet, In Sound Mind turns conventional horror tropes on their head, and serves up a continuous stream of unsettling, startling, or otherwise comedic surprises throughout the game. In order to make the experience, We Create Stuff together with Modus Games will be bringing this one-of-a-kind experience to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC early next year.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to wait – play the debut demo on Steam today, and if you like what you played, sign-up for our In Sound Mind mailing list where we will be sending out regular updates, exclusive content like concept art, wallpapers, Zoom backgrounds, sneak-peaks at the soundtrack, pictures of cats, and more.


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