It’s Aliiive! Howloween’s Back in Super Animal Royale, With a New Event Format!

Howloween 2023 rises for three weeks of challenges, rewards and new Super Animals


The island is in the Howloween spirit again with a haunting fountain, spectating specters, an undead delivery mole and more! The event this year has a brand new format, with three bundles of challenges, rewards, and Super Animals that will roll out each week, so let’s skulk right into the gorey details.


3 Goulish Weeks of Challenges & Rewards



Today through November 10th at 10am PT, Howloween 2023 is haunting Super Animal World, with a brand new event format we hope you’ll all love.


  • 5 spooky challenges unlocked per week to complete.
  • Once each new set of challenges unlocks, you’ll still be able to complete previous weeks’ challenges until the end of the event.
  • A new Super Animal breed releases each week for a total of 3 spooky breeds throughout the event. As always, these new breeds will be added permanently to the Research Lab.
  • There’s still Candy Corn to collect too, as well as new jack-o-lanterns to smash, both of which are tied to new challenges and rewards.
  • Candy Corn also provides a small heal when collected, and jack-o’-lanterns drop Candy Corn when smashed.
  • We’ve added a few extra days onto the end of the event, so it’s slightly longer than three weeks to give you time to complete all the final challenges at the end!

As part of the new event format, earning select legacy holiday cosmetics will now require the Super Edition DLC, and can be unlocked by collecting Candy Corn.

Your support is what allows us to keep making the game, and we appreciate it so much. We try to keep all our monetization as light and player friendly as possible, and felt that this design makes a lot of sense alongside our Animal Pass Archive system where passes from previous seasons can still be purchased even after they end. In this case, a single DLC that many of you already own will give you access to legacy items for all of our events moving forward rather than charging for them directly! We’ve also increased the number of new free items per holiday event to 9, up from 8, and we’ve moved 7 legacy Howloween items to Carl’s Cart to unlock for free.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the content for each week of the event! This post will be updated to showcase the new Super Animal and event cosmetics released each week, so check back as the event progresses to see what’s revealed for week 2 and 3.


Howloween Week 1



5 challenge rewards to earn

  • Spider Necklace | Collect Candy Corn
  • 1500 XP | Smash Jack-o’-lanterns
  • Howloween Photo Booth Scene | Get Kills
  • 750 Carl Coins | Replenish Health From Campfires
  • Witch Hat Umbrella | Land at the Graveyard in Pete’s Swamp

New Super Animal breed

  • Super Sewer Rat (available to unlock beginning at level 20 in the Research Lab)

Howloween Week 2



5 challenge rewards to earn

  • Spiderweb Costume outfit | Collect Candy Corn
  • 1500 XP | Ride Ziplines with Ninja Booties
  • Bone Sword melee weapon | Deal Melee Damage
  • 750 Carl Coins | Dance with Crabs at Health Juice Factory
  • Scarecrow Gravestone | Find and Break a Scarecrow

New Super Animal breed

  • Super Anglerfish (available to unlock beginning at level 10 in the Research Lab)

Howloween Week 3



5 challenge rewards to earn

  • Howloween Bow headwear | Collect Candy Corn
  • 2000 XP | Smash Jack-o’-Lanterns
  • Spooky Dual Pistols | Get Kills with Dual Pistols
  • 750 Carl Coins | Dance at the Super Animal Super Stage
  • Howloween Onesie outfit | Get a Kill within 10s of Using a Zipline

New Super Animal breed

  • Super Alebrije Axolotl (available to unlock beginning at level 70 in the Research Lab)

“HOWLOWEEN” Coupon Code Returns



Returning from previous Howloween events, from now until November 10th, you can enter the coupon code HOWLOWEEN in the main menu to get the… very unique Howl Mask cosmetic. Take your Howl Michaels cosplay to a whole new level (of uncanniness)!


Super Summer Finale Artist Collaboration



Autumn may be in full swing, but it’s never too late for an end-of-summer beach party, so we wanted to take a moment to recognize the amazing work of 30+ community artists who took part in this self-organized collaboration piece! The amount of love and talent poured into fanart like this from all of you never ceases to amaze us, and we hope projects like this will continue to inspire more incredible collabs for years to come.


You can check out the credits for all the artists that participated in this collaboration piece here: Super Summer Finale Collaboration Credits – Imgur


And, with that, we’ve doled out all the treats we have to give out for Howloween so far, but be sure to check back on this post each week of the Howloween event to see the new rewards and animals that have been released. You can also keep an eye on SAR’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, TikTok, Bluesky and Discord for more announcements including an upcoming Twitch Drops campaign! Until next time, we’ll see you on the island, Super Animals.


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