Howloween Comes Screaming Back to the Island!

Howloween 2022 is here, with tricks and treats aplenty, and a limited edition plush!

They’re heeeeeere… It’s time for the Super ghouls and Super ghosts of the island to rise once again for a graveyard smash! Get your candy bags ready, and watch your back, because Howloween has descended upon the Island, bringing an undead army of cosmetic items and two new Super Animals who are very into the spirit of things.

Two New Super Animal Breeds Haunt the Research Lab

The Lab Labs have cooked up two new Super Animals that will continue to haunt the Research Lab year round, so you can unlock them at your own pace:

  • Super Spooky Teddy Bear (Super Bear breed available from level 1)
  • Super Alebrije Lizard (Super Lizard breed available starting at level 20)

The Super Spooky Teddy Bear has been brought to life with a penchant for the Royale, and it’s not much for child’s play.

The newest alebrije animal visiting us from the land of the permanently respawning is the Super Alebrije Lizard! Inspired by the painted animal figures used to celebrate the Day of the Dead, this coldblooded and colorful combatant is ready to score some candy corn.

Howloween 2022 Unlockables & Decorations

As with past Howloweens, candy corn has been scattered around the island, ready to be scooped up! You can use it to purchase event cosmetics in the Howloween shop, and it’ll also net you a small heal. Additional candy corn is also rewarded upon completing a match. Grab as much as you can, and don’t forget to brush the sugar off your teeth before bed. We’re looking at you, Super Beavers.

8 new cosmetics have been conjured up for the Howloween event this year:

  • Green Witch Dress
  • Howloween Suspenders
  • Bat Tophat
  • Bat Glasses
  • Black Cat Glasses
  • Howloween Bandana
  • Bone Melee
  • Skeleton Bow & Sparrow

Howloween items are also returning from previous years, with 19 legacy items redeemable for candy corn in the event and 8 legacy items moved to Carl’s Cart. Be sure to keep an eye on the S.A.W. Shop and Carl’s Cart throughout the event for even more legacy items rotating back in as well!

Spectator ghosts have been seen rising from the graves of fallen combatants and the island is dressed for the holiday, with jack-o’-lanterns and a spooky Welcome Center fountain with Howloween music. S.A.W. legal just asks that we remind all Super Animals to refrain from tasting the orange water.

Howloween in the S.A.W. Shop

New SAW Shop items have been added as well, so make sure you check in with Ms. Macawsome!

  • Cleaver
  • Hatchet Hat
  • Bwoking Deagle
  • Mummy Sniper

Get Your Paws on the Super Fox Plush through Makeship!

After many years of requests to make a Super Fox plush, we’re partnering with the folks over at Makeship to make it happen!

This plush is a limited-time exclusive, only available for purchase until Thursday, October 27th, so make sure to place an order if you’d like one. We’re super happy with how the plush turned out, and it even comes with a detachable gun for when you want your Super Fox to look more or less trigger happy.

Every purchase also comes with a code for an in-game emote that lets your Super Animal walk around with its own plush! We’re super excited to bring the Super Fox to life with Makeship, and hope you all enjoy your new Super Fox friend.

We have more surprises in store for the Howloween event, so be sure to keep up with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and in our Discord server to make sure you don’t miss anything. Happy Howloween, Super Animals!


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