Here’s a Look at the All New Course Creator in Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break

We have spent the last several blogs discussing all of the ways you will be able to break things in Rock of Ages 3, from the new boulders that will be available to the new ways you will be able to defend your castle from incoming boulders. But it’s called Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break, and we haven’t spent enough time talking showing you how you will be able to make amazing custom courses!  

But before we get into, check out some of these amazing community-created courses from the Rock of Ages 3 open beta!  

All of these courses were created using Rock of Ages 3’s brand new custom course creator that allows you to bring your wildest ideas for Rock of Ages courses to life!  

Create Your Course: 

First, you will need to select the game mode. You can create custom courses across the various game modes in Rock of Ages 3, including War, Obstacle Course, and the brand new Humpty Dumpty mode. Read about all the new game modes coming to Rock of Ages 3 here. 

After selecting your game mode, it’s time to start creating your course. Your track is the heart and soul of your custom course, so laying the path of destruction from the starting line to the castle doors is definitely the place to start! In the course creator, you have full control over the height, pitch, width, and length of your track. Additionally, players have the ability to add jumps and steep drops 


Once you lay the track, you can add defensive units to thwart your attackers attempt to siege your castle doors! Build walls, strategically place canons, and take advantage of all the new defensive units  

Choose Your Theme 

From there, you can add theme-related obstacles to your course, like statues, trimmed horse hedges, pottery, and, of course, giant mounds of spaghetti. Here are the available themes:  

  • Wonderland 
  • Tenochtitlan 
  • Switzerland 
  • Rome 
  • Moscow 
  • Planet of the Monkeys 
  • Mongol Empire  
  • India 
  • France  
  • Cyclopean Isles 
  • Spaghettiland 
  • English Channel  
  • China Sea 

Share Your Course 

Once you have created your course, it’s time to share it to the world! When you publish your course, it will immediately become available for other Rock of Ages 3 players to play by going to the “Break” section of the menu, selecting “community courses”, and choosing your course. Players can search by game type and creator code. Your creator code is a unique code assigned to your course that can be shared with friends so that they can easily find your new creation!  

Pre-Order Rock of Ages 3 Now! 

The course creator in Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break adds unprecedented replayability to a franchise that already offered over-the-top fun! Test your creativity when the game launches July 21 on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Stadia. Pre-order the game now 


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