Hammerwatch II is Available Today for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 4

It is time to begin your journey through the lush, gorgeous pixel-art world of Hammerwatch II on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 4, as the adventure is now available on these consoles!

View the trailer showcasing the heart-thumping action against the enemies you’ll encounter on your journey alongside the locales you’ll explore:

Journey through Hammer Island, the Fallowfields and the dark mountainous regions of Blackbarrow, all created in the signature Hammerwatch pixelated art style, as you work to aid King Roland’s resistance against Blight the Horrible and his dragon army. Build a custom Herian Hero and choose between five distinct character classes: Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Wizard and Warlock before customizing your appearance and leveling up to unlock powerful new abilities and skills.

For more information and to purchase Hammerwatch II, visit https://hammerwatch2.com/


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