God of Rock Champion Edition Patch

Check out all the new quality of life improvements, additional songs, balance changes, and more!


The first content update for God of Rock is here! We’ve been gathering all your feedback to shape our efforts in this first patch. Check out all of the updates below. 



  • 11 new songs have been added!

Quality of Life:

  • Added key mapping options (console only, this already existed on PC)
  • Added ‘arrows’ as a button prompt option (console only, this already existed on PC)
  • Additional notification in the level editor to remind people that both the “Simple” and the “Default” beatmaps must be filled
  • Added a photosensitivity message at the start of the game
  • Blocking the God of Rock’s special move now prevents the inversion effect from occurring
  • Damage from the God of Rock’s ultra move has been reduced
  • Lyn’s AI in arcade mode has been adjusted to reduce the difficulty

Balance Changes:

  • Blocking Edith’s ultra now prevents the inversion effect from occurring
  • The duration of the buff from Lyn’s level 3 special move has been reduced to 2.5s
  • The duration of Lyn’s ultra effect has been reduced to 2.5s
  • Rosetta’s meter gain rate has been increased – however, using a special move now reduces meter gain for a time
  • Ziggy’s base stun duration has been increased – however, each successive hit now stuns the opponent for less time


  • When a difficulty downgrade occurs, the penalty for the player who caused the downgrade has been increased.  This is to discourage players from deliberately playing poorly in early parts of the song.


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