Gather Your Squad: It’s a Double XP Weekend!

With a new season around the corner, we’ve doubled all XP earned until Monday


From now until the end of Monday, September 12th, all XP gains from dailies, weeklies and matches are doubled. It’s a great chance to take a chunk out of your currently active Animal Passes and maybe snag a new gem rank or two. Flock together with your friends for a late-summer showdown this weekend!


Season 5 Arrives September 27th


Our Friends of a Feather (Season 5) update is coming to the island with a Major Update on Tuesday, September 27th!


Season 4’s Animal Pass will be headed into The Archive at that time to make room for the newest pass, but since Animal Passes are timeless, you can always re-activate previous passes that you own to make progress on them alongside the current season.


Double XP applies to Archive passes too, so if you own or purchase any Archive passes this weekend and activate them on your second track you can make double the progress, double as fast! And if you don’t own Season 4 yet and are interested in it, be sure to pick that up before the season ends to grab the discount.


Super Fanart Contest: “A Moment of Peace”


Even in a frantic fight for survival, it’s important to find the time to take it easy and enjoy the island, so that’s what our latest fanart contest is all about!


The top 21 peaceful pieces will earn a place in the Super Museum Modern Art (found in the lower right of the Welcome Center) as well as an exclusive cosmetic item, and Rabbita will also select one grand prize winner who will get the coveted Golden Paintbrush.


All entries will be showcased on the contest website where you can also view the entries from previous art contests:


For all the details and to participate in the contest, visit the link below and submit your art by Sunday, September 25th:



[Submission Form]


We have lots of surprises to reveal about the Friends of a Feather update, so keep your eyes on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit as its release draws closer, and join us in our Discord!


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