Duos Day 2023 and Super Salamanders Arrive in Super Animal Royale

Super Salamanders, including the highly-requested Super Axolotl, have arrived!


It’s that time of year where love is in the air… alongside the usual clouds of skunk gas and bullets.

Duos Day is here again, and this time it’s waltzing in with a brand new Super Animal species: Super Salamanders! We’ve got a few other surprises to share, so let’s get right into what’s new on the island.


Super Salamanders Slide onto the Scene


The Lab Labs have brewed up a whole new species of Super Animal with 4 breeds to unlock beginning at level 70, including the highly-requested Super Axolotl:

  • Super Salamander
  • Super Orange Salamander
  • Super Firebelly Newt
  • Super Axolotl

Duos Day is Here!


Grab your Duos partner for some amphibious anarchy! Whether you’re teaming up with a special someone or going in blind using team fill, play a match of Duos mode today through Thursday, February 16th to earn your own Duos Day Rose melee weapon.

We’ve also created new Duos Day cards for you to send to your special some-bunny!



You can check them all out here, including a printable PDF https://bit.ly/DuosDay2023

Festive Items in the S.A.W. Shop


Ms. Macawesome’s no lovebird, but she’s got a couple returning Duos Day themed items arriving soon in her chic boutique! 

The Heart Boxers outfit and Cupid’s Bow skin for the Bow and Sparrow will be returning next week for purchase for 48 hours in the S.A.W. Shop starting on Monday, February 13th.

We hope you and your Duos partner have a delightfully destructive Duos Day, Super Animals!


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