Dan Moroboshi Enters the Brawl in Override 2 Today!

Dan Moroboshi joins the fray in Override 2: Super Mech League today. Enemies will cower in fear as he tears through them in his Ultraman Suit 7. Check out the new gameplay trailer for a look at the newest opponent that will be blasting through all mechs (and Kaijus) standing in his way:  

Dan Moroboshi follows Black King, Bemular and Ultraman himself as the fourth and final member of the ULTRAMAN crew joining the fight. 

The latest patch also introduces a few balance changes and additional quality of life improvements. You can check out the full list of updates here: https://modusgames.com/news/keep-up-with-the-latest-override-2-patches-here/ 

Override 2: Super Mech League gathers a crew of distinctly devastating mechs for electrifying, over-the-top throwdowns for 1-4 players. Action is accessible to all and easy to jump into, but strategic depth in combat design means even the most skill-focused players will find a deeply rewarding, eSports-ready challenge.  

See if you have what it takes to rise to the top in the ‘Leagues’ Career Mode or take on friendly matches as you begin to hone your skills. Override 2: Super Mech League is now available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam! Buy it now: www.override2.com 


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