Brawl in the Override 2 Open Beta Available Now on PS4, PS5, and Steam!

Override 2: Super Mech League’s Open Beta is available now on PC, PS4, PS5! Be the first to brawl with a selection of characters from our 20 mech roster across multiple game modes. Experience each fighters’ distinctively deadly abilities and stylish combos in the all-new, faster gameplay! The beta will run from November 16, 6am PT to November 22, 9pm PT.

Game Modes:

  • Versus: Invite your friends and face-off in local or online matches of up to 4 players in free-for-all or team battles.
  • Online Multiplayer: Random queue of several modes-1v1, 2v2, 4-player free-for-all, and King of the Hill (at launch, players will be able to queue for all modes separately).
  • Training: Practice your piloting skills in the arena solo or against AI opponents.
  • Tutorial: Learn the ropes, including controls for basic attacks, abilities, and mobility.

Playable Mechs in the Beta:

  • Maya, Vintage, Setesh, Watchbot, Sprinkles, Aura, Pescado, Vidar

Download the beta now!

Override 2: Super Mech League releases on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on December 22, 2020! Wishlist it on Steam, pre-order it digitally, or pre-order from your local retailer!

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