Bemular Joins Override 2: Super Mech League Today

Devastate your opponents with earth-shattering combos as Bemular, now available in Override 2: Super Mech League. Check out his reveal trailer below!  

Based on his appearance from the Netflix anime series, Bemular’s strange alien origins give him access to deadly energy attacks that will leave his opponents scrambling to keep up. His kit allows him to threaten enemies from any position in the arena, with powerful ranged attacks.  

Bemular’s Move Set: 

  • Triple Shot: Shoots three projectiles at Bemular’s target. Can be used while in the air.  
  • Beam Orb: Summons a ray-shooting orb that fires down from above.  
  • Piercing Ray: Shoots a ray that pierces enemies. Can be charged to fire an even stronger ray that knocks enemies down. Can be used while in the air.  
  • Explosion: Causes an explosion around Bemular. Avoids stuns for one hit during this attack.  
  • Ultimate: Charges an enormous energy ball and throws it at a target. Does more damage the longer it flies, up to twice its base damage.  

Bemular follows Ultraman himself as the second of four ULTRAMAN characters coming to the game, with Black King and Dan Moroboshi releasing in the coming months.  

This new mech isn’t the only change coming to Override 2 today. The patch also includes a few additional updates and balancing tweaks, including the brand-new additions of co-op matchmaking (up to 2 players) in Leagues and Quick Play modes across all platforms. You can read the full patch notes here! 

Play as Bemular in Override 2: Super Mech League Now!

If you haven’t already, join in the unstoppable action by purchasing Override 2: Super Mech League now: A free trial is also available on Xbox and PlayStation systems, which allows players to try the game with a limited set of characters (Watchbot, Maya, Setesh) and accessibility to the following modes: Quickplay, Versus, and a portion of Leagues. 


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