First Major Patch for Afterimage is Live on All Platforms!

Greetings, Afterimage players!

Since the launch of Afterimage, we have received many suggestions from you, our community, streamers, and reviewers. After gathering, analyzing, and discussing your feedback, we made the decision to improve the early game experience and several convenience mechanics while retaining the core gameplay of Afterimage.

Our first patch contains multiple adjustments, improvements, and fixes. And it’s now available to download. Please update the game to the latest version for the best possible experience. At a high level, this patch includes improvements to the fast travel system (now available at the beginning of the game), the map (locations are now automatically revealed after visiting them for the first time), and adjustments to the number of HP and MP potions you can carry.

Full patch notes are listed below:


Nintendo Switch only:

* Adjusted pre-loading contents of some slow medium on Nintendo Switch and reduced the first pre-loading time
* Adjusted the display of entering the game on Nintendo Switch and added loading hint
* Adjusted some parameters on Nintendo Switch to improve the performance on Dock Mode

All Platforms:

* Adjusted the way Map System updates – it will now be up to date when players access it
* Adjusted the hitboxes of some enemies’ attack
* Adjusted the hitbox of some enemies’ contact damage
* Adjusted some enemy distribution in some areas with foregrounds
* Adjusted the Shop of NPC Alice, deleted the item “Windwalker’s Anklet” and added the item “Resting Potionin” Alice’s Shop. Meanwhile, reduced the buy price of “Resting Potion”
* Adjusted the buy price of all HP and MP potions and added 1 max carry limit of each HP and MP potion.
* Adjusted the acquirement of item “Emblem of Windwalker”. Now players obtain this item at the beginning of the game
* Adjusted the acquirement of item “Windwalker’s Anklet”. Now player obtain this item initially after picking up the item “Left-wing Feather of Windwalker”
* Adjusted the trigger area for the end of double-jump and downkick tutorial after obtaining the item “Left-wing Feather of Windwalker”
* Adjusted the location of item “Scavenger” to allow earlier acquirement of it
* Adjusted the level requirements of some Talent in Talent System. Now players are able to learn the first and second weapon skill of all weapons at earlier stage
* Adjusted the description of weapon “Phantom”, “Moonlight”, “Bleak Moon”, “Soulhunt”and “Prism Gale”and added combo instructions to their unique weapon skills
* Adjusted the display of the unique skill “Mining Chant” of weapon “The Survived”
* Adjusted the cast requirement of the unique skill “Soul Ignite” of weapon “Evil Jade”. Now it requires at least 20 MP to cast
* Adjusted the effect upon kill of skill “Midas Touch” of sub-weapon “Scroll of Pillage”
* Adjusted the passive effect value of accessory “Shade”
* Adjusted certain parts of the map “Rubiwood Forest” and the map “Sky Palace”
* Adjusted some enemy distributions of the map “Resting Road”
* Adjusted some improper enemy distributions as well as deleted some of the map “Emerald Falls”
* Adjusted the visuals of sailing of the map “Misty Waters”
* Adjusted the visuals of one secret area of the map “Field of Pyro”
* Adjusted the MAX HP of enemy “Lushwolf” and “??? (masked swordwoman)”
* Adjusted some skill hitboxes of enemy “Loss, the Galefeather”
* Adjusted skill cooldowns of enemy “Aqil, the Goliath of Pyro” to improve the combat experience
* Adjusted the trigger timing of one certain mechanism and altered it to be triggered in dialogue
* Adjusted the visuals of one certain mechanism
* Adjusted the visuals during a dialogue in one certain ending
* Adjusted the space in level display of several languages
* Removed the map level listed next to the map name
* Removed the hit-stagger time of some immobile enemies
* Removed two breakable one-way barriers in two maps
* Removed false consume effects of some foods

Bug fixes:

* Fixed an issue where after being hit by spikes or other mechanisms player will reset from invisible temporary savepoints too far. Added some invisible temporary savepoints during several platforming challenges. We will keep improving this in further updates
* Fixed an issue where enemy pathfinding AI goes wrong
* Fixed an issue where some foregrounds limit the visibility the map
* Fixed an issue where the HP and MP do not decrease even with negative regeneration values once the player has full HP or MP
* Fixed an issue where successful parrying with the skill “Iron Bastion” still causes the player to receive contact damage
* Fixed an issue where using the rightstick of a controller to scroll lines also moves the camera upwards or downwards
* Fixed an issue where the effect of item “Mystic Coin” does not work properly if a critical damage killed an enemy
* Fixed an issue where the effect and display of item “Bless of Guardian” break the limit of HP bar
* Fixed an issue where enhancing the weapon “Prisma” decreases its attack and passive value
* Fixed an issue where the unique skill “Blinking Wyvern” of weapon “Celestial Remains” causes player to be stuck in walls
* Fixed an issue where the Magic Shield gained from the skill “Mystic Transformation” of subweapon “Scroll of Otherworld” does not remove the effect visual after consumed by getting hit
* Fixed an issue where the accessory “Hollow Vessel” only works with Swords
* Fixed an issue where there are some Z-fightings of the map “Rubiwood Forest”
* Fixed an issue where some visuals of the map “Rubiwoord Forest”, “Silent Coast” and “Goliathfall” do not work properly
* Fixed an issue where some platforms of the map “Resting Road” limit the jump height in platforming
* Fix an issue where the hit time and water column mechanism displayed in the map “Silent Coast” do not line up properly
* Fixed an issue where the collision of some moving platforms in the map “Albedo Tower” do not work properly
* Fixed an issue where the explode hitbox of the enemy “Explosive Meowling” does not work properly
* Fixed an issue where the blink skill of enemy “Hideous Researcher” does not work properly
* Fixed an issue where the skills of enemy “Failure” run into spikes
* Fixed an issue where the skill visuals of enemy “Runic Guardian” remain after its death
* Fixed an issue where the Japanese dialogue scripts of NPC Alice are out of order
* Fixed an issue where the dialogues at Emerald Falls of NPC Stanley do not work properly
* Fixed an issue where sometimes the screen flashes to white and does not return to normal
* Fixed an issue where some fonts do not work properly
* Fixed an issue where some battle rooms have wrong bgms
* Fixed an issue where the cutscenes will be automatically skipped after inserting a DualShock 5 controller


Although the patchnotes end here, we will continue collecting your feedback to further improve the game. Furthermore, these issues are to be fixed in upcoming patches:

* Add some special visual effects for enemies with a much stronger power level than Renee’s for players to recognize when they are under-levelled

* All NPCs’ locations will be immediately recorded on the map after players encounter them initially

* Add more proper invisible temporary savepoints during platforming challenges

* Extend the i-frame time after interactions, such as when the acquisition interface pops up after players pick up an object (in the current version, players aren’t attacked either while interacting)

Thank you for all of your comments and suggestions! We’ll keep working to improve Afterimage and provide you with a better game experience as well as new content in the coming days!


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