Afterimage – Available on consoles and PC April 25, 2023

Afterimage will be available on PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One / Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Steam on April 25, 2023.



Afterimage is a hand-drawn 2D action-adventure that emphasizes fast-paced combat, diverse characters, non-linear levels, and a gripping storyline set in the ruins of a fantasy world. Years after the cataclysm called “The Razing” nearly brought an end to human civilization, mystic forces suddenly assaulted mankind’s remaining settlements. Seeking to investigate these attacks, an amnesiac girl named Renee bid farewell to her destroyed village and embarked on her journey to discover the truth, inexplicably setting into motion a series of events that will determine the fate of the new world.

Key Features

  • Explore a non-linear world and unearth secrets buried deep within the ruins of the vast, interconnected land of Engardin. Learn more about the roles of the inhabitants of Engardin through intriguing side quests.
  • Fight over 170 varieties of enemies, including 30 formidable bosses.
  • Deep RPG mechanics allow for diverse character builds – over 200 different pieces of equipment to collect, 6 classes of main weapons, and varied sub-weapons, armor and accessories. Invest talent points into a variety of stat upgrades and unlock unique weapon skills for each class of weapon.
  • Determine the fate of the world – discover multiple endings depending on Renee’s actions that will shape the future of Engardin.
  • Stunning 2D art style with animations hand-drawn frame-by-frame.
  • Discover new abilities and Afterimages that grant unique benefits in your exploration and combat. Use these skills to access new areas and shortcuts, and master these in combat to defeat more difficult enemies.
  • Over 40 original orchestral tracks composed by the Aurogon Sound Team and fully recorded by International Master Philharmonic Orchestra and other various musicians.


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