A New Patch is Now Available for Lost Words: Beyond the Page

Explore the wondrous fantasy land of Estoria in beautiful 4k/60fps thanks to a new patch available for Lost Words: Beyond the Page! The update also adds custom control mapping, improvements to localization, and various gameplay improvements. Read the patch notes below to see all of the changes made in this update:


  • Now supports custom control mapping! Just select “Change” in the Controls page to create your own ideal set up.
  • Various fixes and improvements to in-game cursor, pause menu, and navigation.
  • Improved support for AZERTY and Dvorak keyboard layouts


  • Improvements to brightness, maximum exposure value reduced
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect exposure of certain objects when HDR is enabled


  • Now supports 4k resolution 60 fps!
  • Added tutorial support for custom controls
  • Added and improved animations for the player character and other actors
  • Various minor bug fixes for word scrap behavior, environment collision, VFX, and AI behavior


  • Various improvements to French, Italian, and German translations
  • Added translations to support custom control mappings
  • Improved text placement and clipping for localized languages


  • Fixed an issue with various VO cues failing to trigger
  • Fixed various issues with Djinn VO and SFX

No need to download anything! On Stadia the patches are automatically applied to all users. Visit the official website to learn more about Lost Words: Beyond the Page.


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