Zordix publisher Merge Games and in-house developer Dimfrost Studio will Bring ‘Bramble: The Mountain King’ To PC & Console

Manchester, UK – 13th June, 2022 – Merge Games and Dimfrost Studio are excited to reveal their partnership in bringing grim adventure ‘Bramble: The Mountain King’ to PC and consoles. The partnership marks the first in-house publishing deal for Zordix, who acquired Dimfrost Studio in 2020 and Merge Games in 2021, uniting the two for a dark yet wonderous journey through a harsh and magical world. ‘Bramble: The Mountain King’ draws on the powerful creatures and rich fables of Nordic mythology to spin a unique tale of one boy’s courage in the face of impossible dangers.

Revealing just one of the many sinister and hideous creatures lurking in the shadows, ‘Bramble Origins: The Näcken’ was showcased at the Future Games Show over the weekend, giving players their first glimpse at the many interwoven stories in the land of Bramble.

Check out Bramble: The Mountain King announcement trailer here.

Take on the role of Olle, a young but brave boy, called by fate to adventure through the unsettling yet stunning environments of Bramble to rescue his sister from the clutches of beasts.

Dwarfed by the sprawling world around him, navigate and traverse a magical world of giants and gnomes as you decipher friend from foe on an epic journey of suspense and survival.

Bramble: The Mountain King assets can be found in the Press Kit.

The forest hides many secrets, and its inhabitants are no exception – from creatures enshrouded by shadows to furious spirits lurking in the lake.

“We are thrilled to be working with Dimfrost Studio to bring the atmospheric and beautifully crafted Bramble: The Mountain King to PC and consoles later this year,” commented Ross Griffiths, Product Manager from Merge Games. “We were instantly drawn to this wonderful world full of gnomes, trolls and other creatures inspired by Nordic folklore and appreciate the attention to detail that the team are putting into the gameplay experience.”

Bramble: The Mountain King is in development by Dimfrost Games and will be published by Merge Games. The game is scheduled to release in 2023 for PC and consoles. Fans can Wishlist now on Steam.

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About Merge
Merge Games is a global video game publisher, developer and distributor based in Manchester, UK. The company publishes and distributes games worldwide for PC, consoles and streaming platforms, including Dead Cells, Streets of Rage 4, Spirit of the North, Cloudpunk, Aragami and Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX. Merge is also developing its own survival game, Smalland, in house. In 2021, Merge Games was acquired by Zordix AB (publ). For more information, please visit www.mergegames.com

About Dimfrost Studio
Dimfrost Studio is a team of talented developers based in Norrköping, Sweden. What started as a dream to design games with passion and purpose became a reality in 2017 when the team released its first title, and since then the studio has tripled in size. In 2020, Dimfrost was acquired by Zordix AB (publ) and is currently working on the atmospheric adventure game “Bramble: The Mountain King.” With a focus on immersive storytelling and surreal environments, Dimfrost Studio seeks to create memorable experiences within the art of video games.


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