Zordix acquires Dimfrost Studio and raises 1.3M euros in funding

Swedish listed game company Zordix AB (publ) (“Zordix”) today announced to an international audience that it has acquired the game development studio Dimfrost Studio AB (“Dimfrost”). Further, the company revealed that it has secured funding of 1.3M euros for an expansion of Dimfrost and the completion of their atmospheric adventure puzzle game Bramble: The Mountain King (“Bramble”) for consoles and PC.


Bramble has aroused international attention as a winner of an Epic Mega Grant and has been showcased by Epic Games in their booth at the Nordic Game conference and at Gamescom. The game uses the Unreal Engine combined with megascan technology from Quixel to enhance the deep journey within the dark and mysterious world of scandinavian folklore. 

An early ingame trailer for Bramble: The Mountain King is available here: 


“As recognized by several of the top players in the industry, the innovative team of Dimfrost is pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling for both current and the next generation of gaming hardware. It is the perfect addition to our Zordix family, striving for excellence in gaming. We believe the Bramble IP to have huge cross-media potential“, comments Matti Larsson, CEO of Zordix. 

As a consequence of the purchase, the four founders of Dimfrost and two minority owners, David Wallsten and Fredrik Malmberg, all become part owners of Zordix. The latter with a background as founder of Paradox and manager of the Robert E. Howards collected works, including the Conan brand. 

About Zordix AB (publ) 

Zordix is a Swedish game developer & publisher, based in Umeå in northern Sweden. Zordix core development team work under the brand Zordix Racing, and develops high-end racing games for PC and consoles. Zordix recently started Zordix Publishing, a new branch which focuses on working together with indie-studios, helping them bring their games to the global gaming market. Zordix Racing is currently developing the game Overpass together with the acclaimed publisher Bigben Interactive. Zordix Publishing will release the indie game Hayfever in Q1 2020, and newly acquired Dimfrost Studio is working on the title Bramble: The Mountain King for PC and consoles. 





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