Maximum Entertainment Announces Innovative New Fighting Game Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age, Open Beta Available Now

Umeå, Sweden (June 12, 2023) – Zordix AB (publ) (Nasdaq: ZORDIX B) Maximum Entertainment announced yesterday during the PC Gaming Show a brand-new style of fighting game developed and published in-house by Modus Studios and Modus Games, demonstrating the group’s commitment to the fighting genre, and strengthening its lineup of competitive fighting games over 2023 and beyond. Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age will launch on PC, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

An open beta is now available on Steam:

This completely fresh take on the genre sees players engaging in 2v2 matches within an innovative 3-lane system against a gorgeous, hand-drawn Dieselpunk backdrop. Matches are virtually lag-free thanks to Modus Studios’ brand-new proprietary RealMatch rollback netcode, ensuring players don’t miss a single punch in any online match. Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age also features comprehensive training and story modes and allows players to go against AI opponents to hone their skills.

Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age reveal trailer:

“Our studios’ expertise in fighting games makes possible a truly pioneering take on the genre,” said Christina Seelye, CEO of Maximum Entertainment. “The open beta is our first chance at gathering player feedback, which we are eager to evaluate and implement.”

Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age flips the traditional fighting genre formula by placing 2v2 local and online co-op matches front and center in the arena. The game features 10 playable characters at launch (4 of which are available to play now in the open beta), offering distinctly devastating attacks and meaningful shifts to team dynamics and matchups. 

Learn more about Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age at and follow @diesellegacy on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and Facebook. Join the Diesel Legacy Discord here:

About Modus Games
Modus Games is a global video game publisher focused on bringing the highest level of publishing services to the best developers around the world. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Modus leverages its expansive resources and global infrastructure to offer pain-free partnerships that disrupt traditional conventions and redefine the studio-publisher relationship. As one of the fastest growing publishers in the AA space, Modus has delivered notable titles such as Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince, Cris Tales, Super Animal Royale, and Soulstice. Modus Games is part of Maximum Entertainment. Visit Modus at

About Modus Studios
Modus Studios is the development division of Maximum Entertainment and is built of talented artists and programmers that create world class original IP. From the US to Brazil to Hungary and beyond, Modus Studios specializes in high-powered fighting games, sports simulations, and dynamic adventures told through immersive storytelling and compelling gameplay. Modus Studios is part of Maximum Entertainment. Visit Modus Studios at


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