Two Modus Titles Receive Tommi Nomination in Germany

Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break and Skully have been nominated for the TOMMI German Children’s Software Award 2020 in the PC Games category. The TOMMI German Children’s Software Awards are given annually to video games and other pieces of software that have been hand-selected by a jury of German media and then voted on by children across Germany. You can read more about these unique awards and check out all of the nominees here: 

Here’s what the judge’s had to say about each game (translated from German):

Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break – Rock of Ages 3 is a fresh game that is really fun to play. It follows the archetypal motive: Destroy your opponent’s castle before he destroys yours. Your tool is a giant ball that has to be rolled through all obstacles and then be smashed against the castle until it breaks. From trampolines to bridges and simple walls, it is all in there. The biggest innovation is the possibility to create levels.

Skully – Skully is a modern, optically appealing, and easy to play Jump-and-Run. There are a few nice ideas and features (Did the monster really just throw its own head?), fluent gameplay and adequate challenges. The game is lovingly and resourcefully made and makes a lot out of the rather simple principle behind it. It is fun to visit the game’s world because it radiates a certain tranquility and relaxation while you are maneuvering Skully through all kinds of peril.

Winners will be announced on October 17 at 5pm CEST on!


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