Super Animal Royale is Coming to Xbox Game Preview June 1

Hey Super Animals, we’re so excited to finally share that Super Animal Royale is coming to consoles! It’s been really hard to keep it to ourselves as we’ve worked with Modus to make it happen, but we’re thrilled that very soon you’ll be able to play SAR on your TV with Xbox or PlayStation, play on the go on your Nintendo Switch, or stream it from the cloud with Google Stadia. Every version has cross-play matchmaking with each other, as well as cross-save, so you can bring all your outfits and Super Animals over from the PC version. We hope you’ll be as excited as we are to welcome all of the new players to the island.

Alongside the console news, it’s taken a lot of restraint to keep from singing about the trailer embedded above. We had such a blast creating this musical extravaganza! Lore-hounds should recognize a key moment from Super Animal World’s history, referred to by S.A.W. Legal as “The Incident,” revealed here for the first time.

Play it First on Xbox Game Preview on June 1st

You won’t have to wait long to start playing on your TV, as we’re bringing SAR to Xbox Game Preview on June 1st! For those who don’t know, the Xbox Game Preview program is similar to Steam’s Early Access, on which SAR is currently available, so we’re able to bring it there first while v1.0 is still in development. It will be playable on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, and we hope you’ll provide us feedback on the console port so we can get it ready for its big v1.0 release!

Cross-Play on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch & Stadia

Once the game launches out of Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview later this year, you’ll be able to cross-play and sign into your profile wherever you prefer to play:

  • Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S
  • PS4 and PS5
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Google Stadia
  • PC & Mac

In order to support this, when you update to the new version of the game on June 1st you’ll be greeted by our new Super Animal Account system. Signing up with an email and password will let you claim your PC/Mac save data to your account and then you’ll be able to bring it with you to Xbox Game Preview.

Major Update and New Animal Pass Season Incoming

In addition to welcoming in all the new Xbox players to the island, PC players can look forward to a Major Update with our biggest map expansion yet (literally the biggest by sheer surface area changed) and a brand new Animal Pass season.

The entire shoreline surrounding the island has been redesigned and rebuilt, with roving crabs to meet and Giant Giant Clams to open. The new beaches, traversable shallow water and southern islands also increase the island’s overall size so that there’s more area to play in. Additional deep ocean water around the edges of the map and tweaked Skunk Gas parameters now make it so that beaches will be in the Circle of Life (Skunk Gas safe zone) a bit more often too. There are also multiple new types of shoreline buildings and structures that make looting the perimeter of the island more rewarding.

As of June 1st you’ll also be able to start making progress through the brand new Beach Party Pass, our Season 0.5 Animal Pass (the second Early Access pass). It contains a mixture of beach-ready gear, costumes seen in the musical trailer above, and more. You can unlock the full pass for 550 S.A.W. Tickets.

The Season 0.5 Animal Pass works the same way as the Season 0 pass, and will mark the end of Season 0. However, this won’t be the last time you’ll see Season 0. We’ve been talking with a lot of you in our Discord server and on our social media channels ever since the first Early Access Animal Pass came out to see how you’d like to see the system evolve. One of the issues that came up most often was that players don’t like that old passes go away entirely, which can make the end of a season a stressful race to the finish line before the pass expires. We agree! So we’re designing and are working to implement an archive system for previous seasons. It’s not ready to release quite yet, but you can look forward to it debuting alongside the Season 1 Animal Pass when the game leaves Early Access later this year.

What this means is that if you don’t finish your Season 0 Animal Pass in time before Season 0.5 arrives, you’ll have another chance when the archive system arrives (and all your progress from this season will remain saved)! We’ll have more to announce as we get closer to Season 1, but the system will allow you to re-activate previous passes that you own so that when you purchase a pass you can feel comfortable finishing it at whatever pace works best for you.

We’ve been ready to burst holding back all this news, and now we’re equally eager to finally share this big update and welcome all of the new Xbox players in less than 4 weeks!

See you all on the (bigger and better) island soon, Super Animals!


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