Zordix AB (publ): Employee investigated for insider trading

Zordix AB (publ) (Nasdaq: ZORDIX B) (the “Company”) has received information today that an employee of the Company is being investigated for insider trading. The Company will fully cooperate with the Swedish Economic Crime Authority in the investigation.

No other employee of the Company and no member of the Board of Directors is suspected of any involvement, nor is the Company suspected of any crime or wrongdoing.

The Company and its operations have not been and will not be affected by the event and the management of the Company remain committed to deliver on the strategy disclosed to the market last month.

The Company will provide more information if new elements become available.

About Zordix
Zordix AB (publ) is the holding company of Maximum Entertainment.
Visit Zordix at www.zordix.com.

About Maximum Entertainment
Maximum Entertainment is a global entertainment company dedicated to creating high quality experiences spanning the entire value chain of video games, including development, publishing, transmedia, sales and operations. Maximum Entertainment provides collaborative resources to its partners, through in-house publishing labels Maximum Games, Modus, Merge Games and Just For Games, as well as its development division, Modus Studios. With more than 300 titles in its catalog, Maximum Entertainment has partnered with best-in-class creators and franchises around the world to deliver magic to the gamer in everyone. Maximum Entertainment has offices around the world, employs more than 200 professionals and is a brand of Zordix AB (publ). Visit Maximum Entertainment at www.maximument.com.

For more information, please contact:
Stefan Lindeberg, Chairman of the Board
E-post: stefan.lindeberg@zordix.com | Tel: +46 70 884 24 45

Christina Seelye, CEO
E-mail: cseelye@maximument.com | Tel: +46 8 490 094 98

Thierry Bonnefoi, Interim CFO
E-mail: tbonnefoi@maximument.com | Tel: +46 8 490 094 98

For more information regarding the company and investments, please contact ir@maximument.com.

Certified Adviser
Augment Partners AB, info@augment.se, tel +46 (0) 8 604 22 55, is Zordix AB (publ)'s Certified Adviser.


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