Maximum Entertainment Launches Gorgeous Action-Adventure Title: Afterimage

Umeå, Sweden (Apr. 25, 2023) – Zordix AB (publ) (Nasdaq: ZORDIX B) Maximum Entertainment through Modus Games and in collaboration with Aurogon Shanghai is pleased to announce the launch of the fully hand-drawn, stunning adventure Afterimage. Players can delve into the 2D action-adventure title today on PC and consoles, battle terrifying enemies, and build a unique character in this stunning Metroidvania-inspired game.

Afterimage combines its dazzling, hand-drawn aesthetic with deep RPG elements and a Metroidvania-like world to challenge its players to explore and traverse the land of Engardin as they build their character in any way they see fit. Explore treacherous environments, defeat challenging bosses, and uncover the secrets holding Engardin and its various inhabitants together. Afterimage is available now:

“Afterimage is one of the most anticipated releases this month and is currently sitting in the top 100 wishlisted games on Steam. Collaborating with the talented studio of Aurogon Shanghai has been an amazing experience and we are thrilled to present this highly elegant and creative game to players today,” says Christina Seelye, CEO of Maximum Entertainment.

Aurogon Shanghai is a subsidiary of the famous video game developer Wangyuan Shengtang in Shanghai, China, known for the Gujian series which sold millions of copies worldwide. See Afterimage’s striking aesthetic and fast-paced combat in action in a brand-new launch trailer:

The non-linear world of Engardin allows players to explore at their own pace. With over 200 pieces of equipment to collect, six different weapon classes to master and talent points to invest in multiple diverse skills, Afterimage allows players to take control of their own journey. 

For more information on Afterimage and Modus Games, visit or follow @modusgames on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Discord

About Modus Games
Modus Games is a global video game publisher focused on bringing the highest level of publishing services to the best developers around the world. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Modus leverages its expansive resources and global infrastructure to offer pain-free partnerships that disrupt traditional conventions and redefine the studio-publisher relationship. As one of the fastest growing publishers in the AA space, Modus has delivered notable titles such as Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince, Cris Tales, Super Animal Royale, and Soulstice. Modus Games is part of Maximum Entertainment. Visit Modus at

About Aurogon Shanghai
Founded in 2007, Aurogon Shanghai is a video game developer headquartered in Shanghai, China, and a subsidiary of Wangyuan Shengtang. It is known for the Swords of Legends franchise. The Afterimage team is a small indie team of Aurogon Shanghai, formed by Metroidvania lovers, passionate retro gamers, and anime and movie fanatics.

About Maximum Entertainment
Maximum Entertainment is a global entertainment company dedicated to creating high quality experiences spanning the entire value chain of video games, including development, publishing, transmedia, sales and operations. Maximum Entertainment provides collaborative resources to its partners, through in-house publishing labels Maximum Games, Modus, Merge Games and Just For Games, as well as its development division, Modus Studios. With more than 300 titles in its catalog, Maximum Entertainment has partnered with best-in-class creators and franchises around the world to deliver magic to the gamer in everyone. Maximum Entertainment has offices around the world, employs more than 200 professionals and is a brand of Zordix AB (publ). Visit Maximum Entertainment at

About Zordix
Zordix AB (publ) is the holding company of Maximum Entertainment. Visit Zordix at


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