Maximum Entertainment changes its liquidity provider to Carnegie Investment Bank AB

Stockholm, Sweden – (November 29, 2023) – Maximum Entertainment AB (Nasdaq: MAXENT B) has terminated the liquidity provider assignment with Erik Penser and has appointed Carnegie Investment Bank AB as new liquidity provider for the company's shares on Nasdaq Stockholm. The arrangement is in accordance with the framework of Nasdaq Stockholm's rules on liquidity providers. The change in liquidity provider for Maximum Entertainment is a result of Carnegie’s acquisition of Erik Penser Wealth Management and Erik Penser Corporate Finance as announced on 24 October, 2023.

In the role of liquidity provider Carnegie undertakes to continuously quote prices for the MAXENT B share in accordance with the from time-to-time applicable minimum requirements for liquidity providers set out by Nasdaq Stockholm. The purpose is to improve the liquidity of the share and reduce the spread between the buying and selling price.

Carnegie's assignment commences on 30 November 2023.


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