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Stefan Lampinen

Board member: Since 2020

Holdings: 20,000 B shares in the Company (including company).

Number of warrants: 25,252 of Series TO 2021/2024.

Education and experience: Stefan has completed studies at the London Business School and today runs Game Advisor Ltd, a UK-based company specializing in consultancy and business development within the gaming industry. He is considered by many to be a key person for Sweden’s global success in the gaming industry. Stefan has held leading positions at Electronic Arts, Nokia, Microsoft, and Warner Bros. In 2008, Stefan received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the Swedish Games Industry. In addition to his role in Zordix, Stefan is the owner of Game Advisor Sweden AB and Game Advisor Ltd, part owner of Funtails GmbH.

Other ongoing assignments: Board Member Outplay Entertainment Ltd, Board Member Pugstorm AB

Independent in relation to the Company and its senior executives: Yes

Independence in relation to major shareholders: Yes


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