Christina Seelye

Chief Executive Officer:  Since 2022

Holdings: 3,630,864 B-shares and 1,000,000 A-shares in the Company (including companies)

Number of warrants:

Education and experience: Christina is the Global CEO of Maximum Entertainment, founder of Maximum Games and Modus and serial entrepreneur of emerging leading consumer technology and software companies with a focus on driving growth internationally. She has 20+ years of experience driving profitability through consumer products, M&A, adaptive business models, capital raising and strategic omnichannel marketing. An award-winning leader who accelerates growth organically and through M&A, launches innovative software and games in the global market and leads sales efforts, business development and strategic partnerships.

Christina holds a diploma from the  “Owner/President Management Program” at Harvard Business School, Boston MA and holds a BA, Fine Arts from California State University, Sonoma CA.

Other ongoing assignments: CEO of Maximum Entertainment, Board member of Women Presidents Organization (WPO) and Women in Games International, Seebon LLC, Bisonic Inc, Da Vinci AV Inc and Maximum Entertainment subsidiaries: MG1 Acquisition Corp, Maximum Games LLC, Maximum Games Ireland Ltd, Maximum Games Ltd, Modus Games LLC, MG Team LLC, Dimfrost Studio AB, Zordix Racing AB, and Maximum Entertainment Srl.


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