Super Animal Royale v1.7.1 – Lunar New Year 2023: Year of the Super Bunny

The island’s hopping, Super Animals: the Year of the Super Bunny event has begun! This Lunar New Year is all about the island’s lovable lagomorphs, and they’re bringing in 2023 in style.

Year of the Super Bunny event

Ring in the new year in style with new and returning Lunar New Year cosmetics:

  • 8 new event items, redeemable with red envelopes, earned in-game.
  • 18 returning legacy items in the event, and 8 moved to Carl’s Cart.
  • 7 new SAW Shop items, including the Lion Dance bundle.


The Lab Labs have also multiplied the Super Bunny population to bring you 4 new Super Bunny breeds (available beginning at level 20): 

  • Super Golden Bunny
  • Super Lunar Bunny
  • Super Celestial Bunny
  • Super Lop Bunny


Please note that the new Super Bunny breeds are permanent additions to the Research Lab and are not time-limited. Bamboo Resort’s statue, wall pictures, and couplet have been updated as well for this year! 


Netcode Changes

Thank you to everyone who shared their connectivity issues and concerns regarding the new netcode that was implemented in the v1.7 update. Because of this feedback, we have reverted SAR’s netcode to its older version, and will be improving it as time goes on.


We now have the ability to switch between the new and old netcode on the backend, so that we can more easily adapt and test the new netcode further without requiring game updates. Thanks to this, in the coming months we will be slowly testing and adding new netcode features piece by piece over time. We super appreciate your feedback and patience as we work to keep improving the experience of playing SAR in every way we can!


AWW Umbrella Coupon Code

Over the past year, the talented artists and content creators at AWW (Antler & Wool on Wings) have been making high-quality stream assets for any Super Animal Royale content creators to use in their streams, all for free. 


To celebrate them and all their amazing work, we’re releasing the AWW Umbrella, which you can get your paws on by inputting the coupon code “AWW” in the in-game coupon code menu. Thank you so much FluffubSheepub, wvbBB, and CocoaCaa for making such incredible assets for our community!


If you’re a content creator or are looking to start streaming Super Animal Royale, be sure to check out the AWW Workshop at and follow their Twitter for future releases.


Gameplay Changes and Bug Fixes

  • The milestone details screen UI design has been updated to match the newer style.
  • Increased vertical size of the Recent Players screen, made the scroll bar more visible, and fixed some report options being hidden for controller users.
  • Fixed quick chat and emote wheels not disappearing when alt-tabbing.
  • Fixed weapon tooltips showing projectile ranges that were incongruent with the weapon’s actual effective range.
  • Fixed controller users being able to skip the reward popup while the Research Lab animal unlock animation is playing.
  • Fixed the Research Lab occasionally still showing “Create” after unlocking an animal.
  • Weapon skin sounds are now loaded during a match rather than at game launch, to reduce load times a bit.
  • Skeleton Bow & Sparrow renamed to Bone & Sparrow. How’d we miss that one?!


That’s all for v1.7.1, Super Animals! Grab your squadmates, start collecting those red envelopes, and we’ll see you on the island!


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