Super Animal Royale – Season 2, CRISPRmas, Cross-Play Parties and More

Season 2 kicks off with Super Beavers joining the fight and the return of The Bwoking Dead mode!

Hey Super Animals, we have a whole new Season of Super Animal Royale for you, and the Super Beavers who maintain Super Animal World have finally joined the fight. In honor of the industrious rodents who keep the games running on time, this season features the Busy Busy Pass, which offers a range of cosmetic items for hard workers, steampunk fans, and busy bees.

As always, you can find previous season Animal Passes in The Archive, and you have as long as you need to finish your pass once you own it (it never expires). Just make sure to grab the current season before it ends for the best deal (550 SAW Tickets).

Here are some highlights of what you can look forward to in the Season 2 update:


  • Season 2 Busy Busy Pass + New Starter Pack DLC
  • CRISPRmas Event: December 14th to January 4th
  • New Map Location: Beaver Construction HQ
  • New Super Animals: Super Beavers, Super Reindeer and a new Super Arctic Fox
  • Cross-play parties: invite your friends to squad up with any mixture of Steam, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch!
  • SAR is now available to stream on Google Stadia in addition to GeForce Now, so you can play on your smartphone, in your browser, and more, with cross-play matchmaking and cross-save account syncing.
  • The Bwoking Dead limited-time mode returns during the CRISPRmas event!

Platform-Specific Highlights:

  • The PlayStation version no longer requires PlayStation Plus to play Super Animal Royale, but if you do have it, you’ll get a PlayStation exclusive cosmetic bundle of items!
  • We’re also debuting a new Xbox Game Pass Perks bundle for Ultimate subscribers!
  • The Nintendo Switch version of the Season 2 Starter Pack DLC arrives December 20th.
  • Stadia support for cross-play parties is coming soon.

We’ve also included a bunch of nice quality of life updates, game balancing and more, so read on below for all the details!

Season 2

Season 2 is here, and the formerly-pacifist beavers who work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep Super Animal Royale humming have finally joined the fight! To see why the beavers finally joined the fray, check out the latest episode of Super Animal Royale Tonight above.

Grab the new Busy Busy Pass for 49 tiers of unlockable items:

  • Construction-themed items inspired by Beaver Construction.
  • Steampunk items inspired by prolific S.A.W. inventor, and noted “busy busy” guy, Thomas Sledison.
  • Items to turn you into a busy bee.
  • And lots more, including S.A.W. Tickets and Super Serum.

Season 2 will last roughly three months and during that time you can unlock the pass for the discounted price of 550 S.A.W. Tickets. After that, it’ll move into the Archive for 750 tickets. As always, once you own it, you can take as long as you need to complete it, and when you own any Animal Pass from the archive you can make progress on up to two at once (including the current season’s pass) for double the earning. No more FOMO or rushing to complete passes!


Season 1 has now moved into the Archive, but if you already own it you can activate it on your second track to keep working on it, or purchase it if you missed it! We also made some improvements to controller navigation of the Animal Pass screen, and made button selection styles clearer.

Season 2 Starter Pack DLC

A new season also means a new Starter Pack DLC! Grab it while it’s available for the next ~3 months for a great deal on S.A.W. Tickets and exclusive cosmetic items and animal breed:

  • Super Moon Bear
  • Warrior Monk Outfit
  • Warrior Monk Sword
  • 600 S.A.W. Tickets (500 + 100 bonus tickets)

Season 1’s Starter Pack DLC will go away on December 20th, so it’s your last chance to grab it now if you don’t have it yet!

CRISPRmas Event

December 14th to January 4th at 11:59pm PST

It’s CRISPRmas, Super Animals! The time of year when all Super Animals come together to celebrate the miracle of ethically dubious gene editing! And what better way to celebrate the cavalier rewriting of life’s sacred code than collecting the candy canes scattered around the island and redeeming them for 8 new limited-time CRISPRmas cosmetic items:

  • Snow Shovel
  • Red Pom Beanie
  • Ice Sunglasses
  • Gingerbread Gravestone
  • Snowflake Silenced Pistol
  • Festive Lights Umbrella
  • CRISPRmas Tree Dress
  • Winter Fur Hat

17 legacy CRISPRmas items also make their return and can be redeemed with candy canes. Make sure to also check out the S.A.W. Shop and Carl’s Cart during the event for additional holiday items.

Two new festive Super Animal breeds are also available in the Research Lab:

  • Super Arctic Fox
  • Super Reindeer

Note: The older versions of these breeds are still available and have been renamed Super White Fox and Super Rudolph. As always, the new breeds are permanent additions to the Research Lab, so you don’t need to rush to earn them during the event!

We’ve also added a leaderboard for the top 10 players collecting candy canes, for bragging rights. The leaderboard is hidden by default, but you can see who’s the candy caniest by pressing the white leaderboard button in the top right of the event window. Note that the amount displayed includes the total candy canes earned at the end of each match (not just from collecting them off the ground).

The Bwoking Dead infection mode returns!

The Cluckles outbreak continues: play The Bwoking Dead for the entire 3 week duration of the CRISPRmas event! Round up a squad of friends and try to survive the zombie chicken apocalypse and escape the island on a Giant Eagle. You can check out a full rundown on the mode in our previous patch notes here.

Beaver Construction HQ

Home to the island’s renowned (and only) general contracting company, Beaver Construction HQ is a hive of busy busy activity between the royales, and makes a dam good spot for gunfights during them. The sprawling complex is built along the river, like a traditional beaver lodge, with three crossable dams connecting the two main buildings, and a water-entry den that serves as the foreman’s (er…forebeaver’s) office.

Other details worth seeking out include the “Three Busy Beavers” lobby statue depicting the legendary founders of Beaver Construction, the lumber mill that feeds all the company’s projects…and some of their employees, the Emu cart loading dock, the vending machines selling choice cuts of fresh wood, a scale model of the Super Animal Super Stage, and a few stashed Lunar New Year statues taking their twelve-year timeouts.

Super Beavers

The beleaguered Beaver Construction workers who once labored tirelessly to build Super Animal World, and now labor thanklessly to clean it up after every messy battle, are ready to make their own messes. As seen on the latest episode of SAR Tonight, the Super Beavers are finally stepping out from their backstage roles and joining the fray!

To start, there’s three breeds that can be created in the Research Lab starting at Level 40:

  •  Super Beaver
  •  Super Pink Beaver
  •  Super Beever

Squad up With Friends on Any Platform

You can now invite your friends to squad up with you regardless of which platform they’re playing on! Cross-play party invites generate a 4 digit code that your friends can enter to join your party (and there’s also a handy button to copy it to your clipboard to help with sharing it with them).

So whether you and your friends are playing on Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, or GeForce Now, you’ll be able to squad up with any combination of platforms. The PlayStation version of SAR also no longer requires PlayStation Plus to play!

We’ve also added the ability for hosts to be able to kick players from the group if necessary, and this applies to both cross-play and same-platform parties.

Gameplay / Quality of Life Updates

  • Ammo loot no longer glows like other loot to reduce visual clutter.
  • Improved collisions in the bamboo forest so they’re smoother and have fewer jagged edges to get caught on.
  • Increased Bandolier carrying capacity: light bullets from 140 to 150, shotgun shells from 35 to 40, big bullets from 100 to 110, sniper ammo from 35 to 40, dart ammo from 40 to 45, and sparrows from 40 to 45.
  • Dual Pistols initial fixed recoil has been increased from 1/2/3° to 1.5/2.5/4.0°, and random recoil increased from 4° to 4.4°. Dual Pistols perform very well, so this aims to balance them a bit by creating slightly more effort to control them.
  • Increased Hamsterball audible distance from 160 game units to 185 so you can hear them coming from even further away and get out of the way.
  • Skunk Bombs now have 40% reduced spawn rate in the Bwoking Dead mode. The maximum carrying capacity for Skunk Bombs in this mode has also been reduced to 3 (or max 4 with Bandolier).
  • Mole crate icon now displays for 45s, and the minimap icon no longer disappears when someone opens it. We increased its visible duration to 60s last patch and this ended up feeling a bit too long, and the addition of displaying its looted state on the minimap provided enemies too much information of what was happening in the fog of war so we’ve reverted this change.

For private match hosts:

  • /banana command can now specify the number of bananas, up to 10. (ie “/banana 6”)
  • /rainoff command to disable rain in a particular match. Note that this doesn’t work while it is already actively raining in-game.
  • /getpos can now specify a player number as well (ie “/getpos 14” to get position of player 14)
  • Removed /getposition variant of /getpos since it’s longer and not necessary.

S.A.W. Shop Sales

We previously added bundle sales to the S.A.W. Shop, and we’re continuing to add more of them (watch the S.A.W. Shop the week of December 28th for a new one), but now we’ll also be having sales on individual items! To start, we’re planning on discounting items that you’ll be familiar with and have already rotated through the shop a few times. If you boot up the game when the update arrives you’ll already see some individual item sales and they’ll continue to rotate in and out over the next few weeks!

Be sure to keep an eye on the S.A.W. Shop during the CRISPRmas event too, as we’ll be rotating in new featured items for the holidays each week.

Other Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Steam users can add the tag -novid in SAR’s Steam launch options to auto-skip logo videos.
  • Performance optimizations: Spine animations and game loot are now more efficient.
  • Reduced total number of environment texture atlases to help load times and reduce VRAM usage slightly.
  • SMOMA art pieces are now loaded individually from the hard-drive at the time of viewing, rather than all at game load, further reducing load time.
  • Controller Right-Trigger can now open the event shop when pressing it while on the last tab (DLC) of the Shop screen.
  • News box won’t auto-rotate while your mouse is hovering over it or while your controller is selecting it.
  • Bwoking Dead mode now warns the player if they’re leaving the match early and will miss out on the end-game rewards.
  • Improved spawn algorithm for zombies early on in Bwoking Dead matches, which should help eliminate the issue of respawning deep in the gas during the first circle.
  • Fixed a bug where the emote wheel could get stuck on-screen when boarding the escape eagle in Bwoking Dead.
  • Fixed a bug where throwing a grenade while dying would leave you unable to melee as a zombie in the Bwoking Dead.
  • Fixed a bug where loot would sometimes go behind a wall in Pixile Port.
  • Fixed a bug where the Bow & Sparrow’s pull-back sound was not matching the animation of 0.5s.
  • Fixed health bars not displaying while spectating the player who killed you.
  • Fixed a bug where binding a key would only check one conflict (for instance, binding Map to (A) was resetting the Reload binding, but not Mark Map, and now it does both correctly).
  • Animal Pass preview in the top-left of the main menu no longer shows an incorrect initial state (with the blue baseball cap) before finishing loading.
  • Fixed a bug where logging out or unlinking an account wouldn’t refresh the animal pass archive pass screen once logged back in.
  • Fixed controller navigation getting stuck when trying to buy an Archive Animal Pass without enough tickets.
  • Fix for in-game settings screen’s report button not being navigable by controller.
  • Fixed bug where binding (B) control with a controller (while in-game) would close the controls menu.
  • Fixed Coconut Costume being above armor visually.
  • Fixed incorrect icons for Farmer Outfit and RedShift Outfit.
  • Improved compression artifacts on Vampire Hunter items from Twitch Drops.
  • Halloween Tee has been renamed to Howloween Tee.
  • Added translations for errors with coupon code redemption.
  • Added several translation fixes.

These were some seriously long patch notes, so if you made it all the way to this point, a winner is you. Please enjoy this trailer, and we’ll see you on the island! <3



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