Rock of Ages 3 Closed Alpha Details

The Rock of Ages 3 Closed Alpha on Steam begins tomorrow, Friday Jan 10! If you haven’t signed up yet, make sure to go do so now at


When is the Closed Alpha?

We will send out emails with Steam codes to anyone accepted to participate starting on Friday, Jan 10 at approximately 9am Pacific Time. At that time you will be able to download the game build from Steam and start playing until we officially end the Closed Alpha test on Jan 13 at 9pm Pacific Time.

How do I get into the Closed Alpha?

Sign up to join through the Rock of Ages 3 website here: . If you are selected to join the Closed Alpha, you will receive an email on Jan 10 with a Steam key to join the Closed Alpha and download the game from Steam.

How do I get the Retro Boulder and Guinea Pig Banner for playing the Closed Alpha?

You will automatically get the Retro Boulder and Guinea Pig Banner in Rock of Ages 3 by simply adding the Closed Alpha to your Steam library by using the Steam key you receive in your email inbox and launching the Rock of Ages 3 Closed Alpha build between Jan 10 and Jan 13. Our database will record your Steam ID and grant you the bonus items when the full game launches later this year. Both items will be available to use during the Closed Alpha as well.

Will any progress and levels I make carry over to the final game?

We plan to keep any user created levels from the Closed Alpha to be playable and editable by you in the final game, however if we make major changes to the game’s code that may change. You will not retain any campaign progress in the final game because the campaign is not included in the Closed Alpha.

What is an ‘alpha’?

An alpha is a very early version of a game and is missing core features as well as final levels of visual, audio, and gameplay quality. For example, levels may be missing textures, music or even certain gameplay content. For this alpha, many of the menus are placeholder, and a large portion of the game (the campaign and certain game modes) are not included. The levels and content that is available is considered a work in progress and not necessarily representative of the final game product.

Why are you doing a Closed Alpha?

We want to make sure we test some of the online functionality of the game, and also wanted to make sure we got significant feedback on one of the core new features of Rock of Ages 3 – the level creator! We are considering this a ‘Closed’ Alpha because that enables us to limit the number of people with access to the game in order to ensure we test what we need to.

How can I give you feedback?

If you are accepted to the Closed Alpha, there will be a link to a game survey on the main menu of the game that you can follow to provide us with feedback.

Why should I play the Closed Alpha?

If you would like to get an early look at the game and help us to make sure that the final product is as fun as possible, then you should sign up for the Closed Alpha and complete our survey once you’ve played it.

What content is in the Closed Alpha?

In the Closed Alpha, you will be able to play the game locally single player or up to two players in multiplayer, create and upload levels in the level editor, as well as download other players’ levels. See the infographic at the top of this post for all the Closed Alpha content. You will not be able to play in online multiplayer online, however the full version of the game will have up to 4 player online multiplayer matches.

Is there an NDA or any restrictions on streaming or recording the game?

We do not have an NDA in place for the Closed Alpha so you may capture and stream content from the game. We do ask that you ensure that any screenshots or video content that you share does not obscure, remove, or crop out the Alpha Content disclaimer that will be present in the build. This is to ensure that anyone viewing the content is aware that the final game will be significantly more complete than this Alpha version.

I heard there is a level creator contest. How do I join?

We’ve partnered with the Super Mario Maker 2 Discord community to run a level editor contest during the Alpha and ensure that we get feedback from the best level editors around. If you would like to join their contest, please join their Discord server ( and check out the announcements channel.

Where can I report a bug?

Join our official Discord server and head over to the Rock of Ages 3 channel! Join link: 


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