Double XP Weekend, St. Pawtrick’s Mini Event, & Mystery Mode!

All experience is doubled from now until Monday, March 14th. 

Season 2 is coming to a close soon, so we’re sending it off with a big celebration before Season 3 arrives in April! 

From now until Monday, March 14th at 11:59pm PDT you’ll earn Double XP from every game you play, and every daily and weekly challenge you complete! We’re also bringing back our St. Pawtrick’s mini event and our limited-time Mystery Mode, and both will be live from now until Sunday, March 20th at 11:59pm PDT.

St. Pawtrick’s Day Items

Need a little bit of green to wear for the big weekend ahead? Play any match in Super Animal Royale and you’ll have a 25% chance to earn a random item until you’ve collected them all. 

9 Legacy St. Pawtrick’s items return:

  • Lucky Shirt
  • Lucky Bow
  • Lucky Beard
  • Lucky Dress
  • Lucky Hunting Rifle
  • Lucky Top Hat
  • Lucky Suit
  • Pot of Gold Gravestone
  • Shamrock Glasses

You’ll have a chance to earn all 9 items until March 20th at 11:59pm PDT!

Mystery Mode Returns

Our limited-time game mode, Mystery Mode, is also making its return for the weekend!

Join a lobby with a squad of up to four and a dice roll will deliver you one of 7 modified riffs on the battle royale mode:

  • Bananarama – Praise banan! Gun bullets are bananas, bananas spawn more frequently, grenades/skunk bombs are banished, and every time it rains it’ll be banan rain.
  • Wild West – Cowboy hats for all, and weapons are limited to magnums, hunting rifles and bananas. Specific to this mode, magnums and hunting rifles are available in every different rarity tier including epic and legendary!
  • Shotguns & Snipers – Only shotguns and snipers will spawn, but they can be found in every rarity tier in this mode, so you can find an epic shotgun in a Rebel Cache or a gray sniper on the ground.
  • Super Slow Bullets – All weapons shoot with 50% bullet speed so you can get your super dodge roll on to avoid them.
  • Super Fast Bullets – All weapons shoot with 200% bullet speed!
  • Handguns Only – Only pistols, dual pistols, silenced pistols, magnums and deagles.
  • One Hit Kill – Every weapon kills in a single shot (or hit or peck). Armor, grenades and skunk bombs are disabled and skunk gas speed and warning times are 20% faster.

New Animal Pass Season Begins Next Month

We’ll have more details on the next season of the Animal Pass as we get closer to it, but it’s officially coming next month! Keep your eyes peeled for reveals and announcements for our next major update and new season on our social media channels. 

We can’t say too much yet, but anyone who’s been waiting for SAW vs. Rebellion’s return will be very excited for the next update. 

As always, your feedback helps us keep making the game better and better, so be sure to share what you want to see next in SAR on Discord, Twitter, Facebook, and our Subreddit.

See you on the island, Super Animals!


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